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One Piece Hair Extensions

With over fifteen years industry experience, you can shop with confidence with Cliphair's best selling One Piece Clip In Hair Extensions. Made from silky high quality Remy real human hair, you can add volume and gloss to your hair in minutes. Read more

Our One Piece Hair Extensions blend with your natural hair to give you an authentic look, and you can feel confident that because they’re 100% human hair, undetectable and will retain their shine and glamour for months. Read less

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One Piece Hair Extension FAQ's

    • One piece hair extensions allow you to add body to your full head of hair instantly. To attach them, simply section your hair into a half up half down style and clip your extensions to the roots of the underneath layer. For extra grip try teasing your roots slightly. When you let your hair down, your extensions will be undetectable.
    • Our clip in one piece hair extensions have 5 clips on a 10 inch weft, which are the perfect size to fit from ear to ear and applied in under 5 minutes. Making them much easier to use and more practical for those that want to transform their full head of hair.
    • How much a one piece hair extension costs depends on the type you require. Chemical bonded solutions can cost hundreds of pounds, but one piece clip in hair extensions made from 100% human hair can cost as little as £38 despite looking almost identical.
    • One piece hair extensions can last from several months to a year or even longer. It all depends on how often they’re used and how well they’re taken care of. However, even if you wear your one piece clip in extension every day, you can expect to get a few months of use out of it.
      Check out our help guide on how to get volume into your hair.
    • Our Supreme quad weft one piece extensions (120G) are best for adding volume and length and are suitable for all hair types.
    • Our Single Piece Quad Weft Extensions (80G) are best to add volume to those with medium to thick hair type.
    • These (40G) Top Up or volumiser are the fastest way to add volume to your existing hair length and are best suited for those with naturally fine or thin hair.
    • All our one piece human hair clip in extensions are made from genuine Remy products, an industry leading specialist that guarantees quality. It collects all its human hair from donors and checks that all the cuticles are intact and flowing in the same direction.
    • Using a clip in one piece hair extension is the simplest and fastest way to add body and gloss to your hair in just a couple of minutes. All you need to do is part your hair and attach the fully concealed clip to your natural hair at your desired length.
    • In addition to being able to blend with your existing hairstyle perfectly, our one piece clip in hair extensions can also be restyled like natural hair. If you want to change the colour of your hair, you can feel free to dye your 1 piece clip in hair extension, though we recommend against bleaching or lightening. Our one piece clip in hair extensions for full head transformations are made from human hair, meaning you can feel free to bend, curl, straighten and blow-dry them just like your own hair. Because one piece human hair extensions clip-in to your hair so quickly and with zero fuss, they ensure you’re ready for any occasion.

One Piece Clip Ins Hair Extensions for all lengths, shades and thickness

With lengths ranging from 16 to 24 inches, we have one piece hair extensions for all hair types and thickness from short hair and long hair. If you need an instant boost a one piece extension will give you fuller hair in just a couple of minutes. Read more

With over 50 shades to chose from we have colours to enhance and match all styles. Whether you want to add streaks of beach blonde or flashes of dark auburn to your hairstyle, we have the perfect one piece hair extension for you. If you need help narrowing down your colour options, feel free to give us a call. Or, save time by simply using our free colour match service.

Choose from our Top Up, Quad Weft and Supreme Quad Weft collections. Read less

Remy One Piece Hair Extensions That Last for Months

Our one piece human hair pieces don’t just promise to boost your style, but they’re also guaranteed to survive for months, as long as you take good care of them. A real human hair clip in one piece extension far surpasses the lifespan of low-quality acrylic alternatives. Plus, unless you purchase real human hair extensions, you won’t have the flexibility to use almost any styling tool you like. Read more

Human hair extensions one piece clip in easily and can be washed and maintained in the same way as your natural hair. All you need to do is brush frequently to prevent knots and tangles, and you’ll be able to wear your clip-in one piece hair extension with confidence for months. You can even hit the gym while wearing your human hair pieces. Before you decide to head to the stylists, browse our range of 1 piece clip in human hair extensions to see how much you could save. Read less

Why Buy One Piece Human Hair Extensions from Cliphair?

With over 15 years experience, at Cliphair, we’re your one-stop-shop for 1 piece human hair extensions. We only use the highest quality products to create extensions that are the best quality and best value on the market. And, the only thing that rivals the quality of our one piece clip in hair extensions of human hair is the high level of our customer service. Read more

Each member of our team members is a fashion guru, always watching out for the latest trends and products. If you need help choosing the right one piece hair extension, want some tips on styling and fitting or even need advice on where to find a reliable stylist to attach your extensions, we’re only a phone call away – and we encourage you to call. Read less

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If you’re a shop or stylist that’s looking to add one piece hair extensions to your product selection, get in touch with us for more information on our trade deals.

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