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Blonde Hair Extensions

Our blonde hair extensions are made to match both natural and dyed shades of blonde. From blonde clip ins you can attach at home to tape ins, permanent bonded and nano ring extensions you can keep in for longer, our blonde extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair. Whether you're looking for dark or light blonde extensions, you’ll find a shade to match your hair at Cliphair.



    • The best blonde hair extensions are our most popular. Specifically shades: #60 Lightest Blonde, Ice Blonde and #613 Bleach Blonde in 20" or 22" length.
      When it comes to our blonde hair shades, our most popular Hair Extensions collections are Double Weft, Tape-ins and our Full Headset.
    • Blonde Hair is more expensive. If your natural hair colour is darker, getting your dream blonde shade requires a huge upkeep - and even huge-er costs. Ultimately, there is more after-care and attention needed for this type of shade.
    • Your natural hair can be bleached however we advise you not to colour the extensions to match your hair. We have a vast amount of blonde shades to choose from, including various bleached tones.
    • All type of hair extensions are different. Firstly, our blonde Double Weft has an expected life span of 6-12 months with the right aftercare. Our Full Head set has an expected life span of 6-12 months.
      Lastly, our Tapes have a 12 week lifespan, this can drastically reduce if after care advice is not followed.
    • Platinum (Ice Blonde) and bleach blonde are two different blonde shades. Bleach blonde is a brighter blonde shade. Platinum (Ice) blonde is the lightest blonde shade you can go for, it appears icy due to its light reflecting abilities. Platinum has that sparkling effect that pairs well with any outfit. Bleach blonde is a classic look with golden undertones for a more natural look.
    • The Difference between Ash Blonde and Blonde is that Ash Blonde is a cooler tone and the blonde is a warmer tone.
      Ash Blonde has blue, violet and silver undertones, this is a dark root colour with a hint of grey to create an ashy tone. Blonde has orange, yellow and golden undertones to give you a natural tone.
    • Yes, you can dye blonde human hair extensions, just as you would your own hair. Make sure you apply the dye carefully, using downwards strokes, to avoid damaging the hair (we advise against bleaching). Another option is to simply buy a hair piece that has already been dyed for you.
    • If you’re planning to dye or tone your blonde hair extensions, this is fine to do if you buy extensions made of 100% human hair. Real blonde hair extensions can be treated much the same as your own hair, so you can simply use your usual products on them.
    • Real blonde hair extensions can be bleached to turn them white, as long as you use extensions made with human hair. However we do not recommend you bleach hair extensions. It is easier if you buy extensions in the tone you require, such as ice blonde, which is almost white, as they won’t require as much bleaching.
    • When you shop for blonde hair extensions in the UK, the cost will depend on the quality and type of extension you buy. If you want blonde clip in extensions, they cost from around £60-100, and can be attached at home, while options like a weave or taped in extensions will need to be done at a salon, so the cost will be higher.
    • If you’re unsure which of our hair extensions are right for you, you can explore our full hair extension colour range, or our colour matching service can help you get the perfect match. All you need to do, is submit three photos and receive your bespoke match within 24 hours!

Blonde Hair Extensions in a Number of Shades

No two blondes are the same, which is why at Cliphair, you’ll find blonde extensions in many different colours. From dark to light blonde hair extensions, you’ll find a shade to match your hair as closely as popular, and you can even use our colour match service to ensure you choose the right one. Read more

Some of our most popular blonde hair pieces include:

  • Lightest blonde – as the name implies, these are the lightest blonde tones, ideal for those with very light hair or those who want to dye their extensions
  • Bleach blonde – if you have dyed blonde hair and want some extensions, bleach blonde is likely to match your look
  • Platinum blonde – with an almost silvery, metallic tone, platinum blonde is on-trend and a fun, unique shade
  • Golden blonde – if you have blonde hair with a rich, golden tone, choose a set of these extensions 
  • Ash blonde – ash blonde is a light blonde tone with a very subtle grey undertone for a modern look
  • Visit our full range of blonde shades

Cliphair provide extensions for all sorts of blonde shades, from natural to bleached and dyed, so you can find the perfect set. When it comes to blonde hair, the right shade is key, otherwise extensions can stand out for the wrong reasons, so make sure you know your shade. Read less

Our Clip In Blonde Real Hair Extensions are Made from Remy Hair

When you buy extensions from Cliphair, you can be sure of quality and a natural look. This is because we only sell blonde real hair extensions, which are made of 100% Remy real human hair. This is cut in a way that preserves the cuticles, which makes it the best possible hair to make blonde human hair extensions. Read more

Many people choose weave in or clip in blonde hair extensions as they want to dye them. If you want to do this, you need to opt for blonde real hair extensions, as artificial hair won’t take the dye. Extensions can be dyed at the salon by professionals, or by you using box dye. While they can be a little more delicate than normal hair, as long as you brush them downwards gently when applying the dye, they should stay on the weft and remain intact. Read less

Blonde Hair Pieces Can Be Used for Volume or Length Delivered Across the UK

There are many ways you can use our blonde hair pieces:

  • Use a full head clip to add length or volume temporarily. You can put in blond clip in hair extensions in the UK whenever you like and simply take them out before bed
  • Choose woven or taped in blonde hair pieces, which last a few weeks and are ideal for when you have special occasions coming up
  • If you don’t want a full head of extensions, we also offer fringe clip ins which allow you to switch up your look
  • Choose our shoulder length or super long blonde hair extensions – different lengths let you vary your look
  • Try our wavy extensions to add some instant curls
  • Use a blonde ponytail extension, which clips in for an instant sleek, long ponytail

Cliphair is an excellent place to buy blonde hair pieces in the UK, as we offer a range of different extensions in a variety of shades of blonde, making it easy to find what you want.

Blonde Clip in Hair Extensions are the Easiest Way to Wear Extensions

Need extensions fast and don’t have time to hit the salon? Or simply want extensions for the night? Our blonde clip in human hair extensions are the answer. You can choose between a one-piece blonde clip in hair extensions or individual wefts, either way, they are so easy to attach you can do it at home. 

Find Cheap Blonde Hair Extensions at Cliphair

When you are looking for cheap blonde hair extensions, you may be searching for the cheapest price, but this isn’t always the best option. At Cliphair, we focus on quality, so while we aren’t the cheapest retailer, our blonde clip in human hair extensions and similar products are the best around. Read more

If you buy very cheap blonde hair extensions, you’ll often find that the quality isn’t great. You may find lesser quality human hair or even artificial hair has been used. Rest assured, at Cliphair, our products such as our blonde clip in hair extensions all use 100% human hair of the best quality, so you get a natural look and feel. Read less

Our Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions Allow You to Create a Striking Look

One reason to use blonde extension hair is to create styles you otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve with your own hair. Some of our blonde hair extensions clip in, which means that when you are creating an updo, or want long, swishy hair, you can achieve this look in seconds. Read more

Updos can be difficult with shorter hair, so extensions give you the extra length and volume you need for buns, chignons and so much more. You can also use blonde hair extensions that clip in to make your hair look fuller, for braiding or plaiting, to create an ombre style and so much more. Whatever type of blonde hair extension you use, you’re bound to turn heads with your new look. Read less

Shop Online at Cliphair UK for Blonde Extension Hair and More

Browse our range above for blonde clip in extensions, wefts and weaves and much more. Cliphair are a UK based seller, with fast delivery across the country, and we offer lots of payment methods to make ordering so much easier. Place your order before 2PM and we’ll dispatch it the same day. We even offer free worldwide delivery on all orders over £30, so everyone can enjoy our great extensions.

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