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50g Hair Extensions

Ready to transform your hair? With our precise packaging – each pack weighing exactly 50g, with 1g per strand – it’s simply impossible to go wrong. Elevate your natural beauty and breathe new life into your hair with our premium selection! Crafted with the highest quality available, our range of 50g packs of hair extensions for professional use is made of pure double-drawn magic. What does this mean? Easy: same thickness from root to tip for unmatched fullness and bodylicious bounce, achieved by using hand-selected, superior quality strands that are cuticle aligned for the best performance and a natural, sleek and shiny finish.


Why Choose 50g Hair Extensions

Hairdressers and professional hair extensionists know this: finding the right amount of hair for a client can be challenging. We made it easier by providing 50g hair extensions packs for less waste and a more precise approximation. Voluminous, luscious hair is now only a few clicks away – with results that can last up to 10 weeks before the next fitting appointment.

Our 50g Styles and Shades

Find your perfect style among an inclusive selection: from sultry brunettes to sunkissed blondes, deep black, and vibrant reds, Cliphair’s spectrum of hues is designed to appeal to everyone with a seamless match and perfect blend, with a collection of 50 shades between Nano Ring hair extensions and I-Tip hair extensions.

Why Choose Cliphair

We take pride in delivering nothing but the finest quality, personalised hair advice and top-tier customer service at the best of our capabilities. Our 50g Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, designed to make you look and feel like a celebrity. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning – you’ll struggle to find a price we don’t beat! What’s not to love?

Style Tips and Inspiration

Get the hairstyles of your dreams in no time – with added length and newly-found volume and thickness, experimenting with your tresses has never been more fun! From thick and full buns, updos, plaits and half-ups to gorgeous waves, soft curls and bombshell blowouts. There are plenty of new hair looks that you can unlock the day you get your Nano Ring hair extensions or I-Tip extensions fitted!

Care and Maintenance

Long live Remy hair extensions! Here’s what to know to keep them looking lush and gift them the longevity they deserve:

  • Always use sulphate-free and alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Use a detangling brush to get rid of any knots, making sure you don’t pull nor tug on the roots
  • Keep your hair safe when you sleep by tucking it in a plait, a ponytail, or even a sleeping cap
  • If you swim in chlorinated water or salt-water, make sure you protect your hair accordingly.
  • Always use a heat-protectant spray before styling your tresses with a blow-dryer, a hair straightener, a curling wand et similia!

Ready to elevate your look? Get your 50g hair extensions today!

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