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Find the Best 22 Inch Hair Extensions in the UK

For the best 22 inch hair extensions in the UK, consider using grade Remy hair from Cliphair. All of our 22 inch extensions use real human hair, so we leave you with a look that’s sure to turn heads. Each of these 22 inch real hair extensions can be washed, dried, curled, and styled to your liking. We strongly recommend using extensions friendly products to care for your extensions. The benefit of human hair is that it is as easy to style as your own. These 22 inch hair extensions blend so naturally that none will be the wiser. From all sorts of lengths, styles, and colours, Cliphair have you covered!

22 Inch Hair Extensions

The 22 Inch Human Hair Extensions Guaranteed to Make A Statement

Be ready to make a grand entrance with our 22 inch human hair extensions. Using 100% human hair, we guarantee that you will consistently find high-quality hair that is soft, luxurious, and perfectly you. Each of our 22 inch Remy human hair extensions can be suited to your permanency needs:

  • Clip in hair extensions: We offer clip in hair extensions for those that want a temporary change to their appearance. Simply clip this into your hair in minutes and you’re on your way to a great night. These can be taken out nightly and put back in whenever you please. These are a great option for a night out on the town or a special weekend away. Our range goes from a 14 inch length all the way up to our 22 inch clip in hair extensions, so no matter your length preference, we’ve got you (and your head) completely covered. Our clip ins are a full head set to make sure you get the most for your money.
  • Tape in applications: For a semi-permanent look, consider our 22 inch extensions as a tape-in option. These last anywhere from six to eight weeks and stay in your head the whole time. Our 22 inch tape in hair extensions will keep you looking fresh and fabulous if fitted by a competent hair technician.
  • Micro ring—If you would like your 22 inch hair extensions to last months at a time, consider using our micro ring loop applications. These are individual rings that attach to individual pieces of hair, so it’s a natural look that will last the whole season long.

At Cliphair, we strive to meet all of your hair wants and needs. From barely permanent to months on end, our hair extensions are ready to help you create your best look.

22 Inch Real Hair Extensions That Help You Stand Out

No two people’s hair is the same so Cliphair does its best to cater to the needs of all types of hair with our 22 hair extensions. If you have curly hair, we offer deep curl sets to better help you manage your hair. If your hair is wavy or simply straight, you can style your 22 inch extensions just as you would your own hair.

Spruce Up Your Summer with 22 Inch Remy Hair Extensions to Change Up Your Look

A new season sometimes means a new change. Our 22 inch Remy hair extensions are available in a colorful array of shades and styles. For those that want a bit of a lighter change, we have an impressive store of 22 inch blonde hair extensions. These 22 inch blonde human hair extensions are soft, manageable, and range in shade from dark blonde to light ash. You can mix and match these extensions to achieve your dream hairstyle. We also offer blonde highlights, so you can even sit back and let us mix and match for you.

While blonde is a popular colour when making a colour change, we also happily offer even more shades, ranging from brown 22 inch hair extensions to 22 inch red hair extensions. Do you want a bold colour when it comes to 22 inch hair extensions? Check out our “funky” colours to break free from the norm! At Cliphair, we provide a free colour matching service if you have any worries or doubts about what might fit you best.

Not Just 22 Inch Extensions: We Provide Many Lengths for Many Needs

Our 22 inch extensions are amongst the most popular for length, but we offer plenty of other inch styles if 22 inch extensions aren’t right for you. Depending on which style you would like—clip in, tape-in, bonded extensions—we can offer lengths ranging from 10 inches all the way up to 26 inch extensions so we really work to provide you with the exact length and style you might be looking for.

If 22 inch hair extensions feel a bit too long, we have plenty of lengths in terms of mid length extensions. If you want a slightly shorter look but still want to keep the length, our 20 inch hair extensions might be the right choice for you. Each hair extension uses 100% human hair, so no matter the length, you will never have to skimp on quality hair.

Keep Your 22 Inch Hair Extensions Lasting Long and Looking Lovely

As with any hair product, how long you will make these 22 inch hair extensions last is up to you. With proper and attentive care, you can easily make these 22 inch extensions last for up to a year! There are a few things that you can do to help keep your locks lasting long:

  • Brush your hair regularly. Use a soft brush with fine bristles so as not to damage or disrupt your hair. Gently break apart any knots or tangles that you may see after regular use. Try to do this daily; if not, twice a day. A brush in the morning and another brush in the evening will help keep your 22 inch extensions feeling soft and manageable.
  • Don’t wash your hair often. Even with our regular hair, it shouldn’t be washed daily because it breaks down the oils in your hair and can lead to dry and brittle hair. Because these 22 inch extensions use real human hair, it’s the same principle. A good rule of thumb is to wash your 22 inch hair extensions about twice a week.
  • Use alcohol and sulphate free extensions, friendly shampoo and conditioner. Your hair always feels amazing after a trip to the salon, right? That’s due to the quality products used in your hair. Do the same with your extensions and you will notice a softer, more luxurious look after each wash.

With a little patience and dedication, you will be on your way to long-lasting locks that are the envy of your friends in no time!


How long is a 22 inch hair?

All of our hair extensions match certain lengths to help the best fit for your head. With our 22 inch real hair extensions, this is about 56 cm in length. It will fall to the middle of your back and is perfect for anyone looking for longer locks.

How much does it cost to get 22 inch extensions put in?

Your 22 inch extensions depend entirely on which type you would like. More temporary extensions, such as clip in or tape in extensions, can cost anywhere from £80-170 because they do not last as long. Permanent extensions can be from £200 and up.

How much do 22 inch hair extensions cost?

At Cliphair, we offer a full head set as well as multiple styles of 22 inch hair extensions. The price depends on the extension type. These will cost anywhere from £35- £90. That’s because we use real human hair, so you’re getting the highest quality possible for your head.

Can you wear your hair up with 22 inch extensions?

The great thing about extensions is that they are meant to work naturally with your hair. You can wash and style them, and the same goes for putting your hair up. With our 22 inch extensions, your hair can be worn up as needed, smoothing bumps to keep a natural look.

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