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What are Chunky highlight and why do you need to get them now?

What are Chunky highlight and why do you need to get them now?

The 90s are still having such a massive impact. Highlights with caps and horrible methods may be a thing of the past (thank god) but we are loving this 90s inspo. It is not just me who is raving about it, the Kardashians have been spotted sporting it recently which has made this trend so quickly. I tried chunky streaks in the 90s, they were not refined or subtle and usually ended badly. This year’s trend is all about smudged roots and a more natural finish. Let’s find out all about it and how to rock it.



What are the chunky highlights?

We all know about traditional highlights. They add some dimension and shimmer to your locks. Chunky highlights are no different. They are just a bit bolder and ensure that your hair really pops. It is often quite contrasting to your natural hair colour underneath. This is not always the case. If you have a natural tone that you find dull, going chunky with one shade lighter might be the choice for you.

How are chunky highlights applied?

Highlights are traditionally applied through a cap or with foils. Foils are exactly how chunky highlights are applied as well. With the rise of balayage, we have gotten used to having dye or bleach applied directly your hair. It may take some getting used to but it is a great option. You are choosing to apply it selectively around your face or all over.

Who can apply chunky highlights?

Like highlights, you can apply chunky highlights from home. It is not difficult. This problem is you cannot properly see how you can distribute your highlights throughout your hair. It is also harder to make sure you get the exact brightness you want. On the bright side (excuse the pun) it is way cheaper. If you are going to do it yourself, make sure you do it in front of the mirror and check under the foil a couple of times.

Not ready to take the plunge?

This is something that is a big impact. It makes sense to take time to think about it. You can always dye it make to your natural colour if you are not going too extreme with your colour. If you are still not convinced, try testing this look first by popping in your Cliphair extensions.


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