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Steal her style: Dua Lipa edition

Steal her style: Dua Lipa edition


This beautiful brit is a great musician and rocks her sports luxe look. From Instagram pics of her concert performances she always looks great. She is actually a massive hairspiration for me. I have chosen to do a steal her style piece on her because she is so brave with her looks and is not afraid to change it up. From dark to light, curly to straight, she has done it all. I want to show you some of her more recent looks that I have fallen in love with so you can steal her style. #wearcliphair


Photoshoot royalty

I am totally in love with this look. It feels like it should be in Paris Fashion Week (full discloser, it probably wasn’t) and makes her look like fashion royalty. this style just goes to prove that you can create a gorgeous bun even with relatively short hair you can pull off a killer bun. It doesn’t matter if it is not 100% neat if your hair has a high gloss finish is Dua Lipa does here. This is something that will work brilliantly dressed up or down so definitely give it a go.


Bandana brilliant

Ok, I don’t know if I am more jealous of her holiday destination or bikini body but this is one epic pic. Personally, I am eating too much gelato on holiday to look like this but each to their own. The bandana and glasses combo is a great 90s inspired look and you don’t have to worry about swimmers hair or windswept photos.

Wet look cropped bob

This is the very edgy look that Dua Lipa has been going for this year. It is not super complicated but, if it is well maintained, it looks amazing. You still definitely have the straight edges but the subtle waves really help to soften them and a less dramatic look.

The classic blunt cut bob

This is a striking and simple look that instantly makes any basic outfit into an amazing statement. If you are not sure you want to go full out and have a blunt cut fringe, why not wear a Cliphair fringe piece so you can wear it to the occasions you want. This will need regular trimming but it is the best way to draw attention to your face and make your look stand out from the crowd.


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