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Two top hairstyles for messy hair

Messy hair can be an absolute curse. It needs so much treatment and attention and no matter what you do to it it feels like it will never look as good as everyone else’s right? Wrong. As someone who as wavy locks that tend to go a bit nest like without some TLC I know how frustrating it can be and as a teenager it annoyed me to no end but I have realised it is all about how you style it. Extra ‘mess’ often means texture which I know so many of my friends with straight hair spent ages backcombing and scrunching to get. I started to realise how lucky I was. Messy styles can be simple but they can also be incredibly elegant. If you love the messy look or have messy hair and need something to do with it keep reading to check out two awesome messy hairstyles.

clip in hair extensions-messey-hair-styles-low-twist-

Low twists

This style looks amazing and is great if you have texturised messy hair. Create a shallow create parting then section the front bits by creating a parting from the tip of your centre parting to behind your ears. Create some rows at your crown and add your extensions here for extra depth to your hair, this with turn it from messy into that texturised effect. You may need to tease the roots a little so it holds and smoothes it down so it blends well. Not including the sections, you have separated at the front you will need to create three even ponytails at the nape of your neck. Asking someone or looking in a mirror. Pinch and tug the hair above your ponytails so you don’t lose the body. You are going to be intertwining sections of hair here so divide your left pony in half and loop it under the middle pony and around the elastic section of the right one. Make sure that it is fanned out and pin underneath. We are going to do the opposite on the right side, go over the middle pony and around the bottom of the left pony. Now it is time to work with the middle pony so spit it and loop the right half over the left pony, fan it out and pin it underneath. If you have end bits left over loop it over the other side and pin in place. Do the opposite with the other half of the middle section. If there are any sections of hair left (like the front) the best thing to do is create twirls with your finger a pinning them on top to be the beautiful focal point.

clip in hair extensions-messey-hair-styles-fancy-side-bun

Fancy side bun

The style above may be romantic but this one is a bit more old school. Start with a shallow off-centre parting and divide a section of hair from the tip of this parting to in front of your ear on the deep side. Put this section out of the way for now. Create a similar parting on the shallow side and divide your parted section into 2. If you have short hair you may need to add extensions now. We are going to start your twist braid so twirl the right piece and move it to the left. Continue this method moving down, make sure you add extra strands to the right section as you go. Once you get to the nape of your neck on the side move sideways towards to the opposite ear. Now you are behind the opposite ear repeat to the end of your hair and secure at the ends with a clear elastic. Pinch your braid to give it extra volume and twirl your braid around itself to create a side bun. Pin this in place and we can focus on the section you have left out. We are going to create a vintage style wave so get your curling iron. Divide this section into rows, curling the hair away from your face and pinning the curls whilst they are still hot. Once you have done this with all of your section hairspray your curls and leave them pinned to cool. Once you have let the curls put a little mouse on your fingers and run your fingers through your hair so that they blend and turn into your glam wave. Give your hair one last spray and you are done!


Enjoy your messy styles, lovely ladies

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