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Steal their style: the Spice Girls








Can you believe how long it has been since he spice girls got together? For children of the 90’s it shaped a huge part of our musical inspiration growing up. We all had our favourites: Posh, Scary, Baby, Ginger or Sporty. This was a group that stood for empowerment and they took no prisoners with people who didn’t agree with them. Why am I bringing it up now? Because twenty years after Spice World the movie first hit our screens we are seeing a come back. Let’s check out the looks of the girls now and see how much they have changed in the last 20 years.





Emma Bunton

AKA baby spice is the youngest of the girls and is known for her bubbly personality and light long locks. Twenty years on and she still has her adorably sweet personality and stunning blonde hair. Gone are the days of her high pigtails the mum and presenter is much more demur with her makeup and personal style now. She tends to stick with her straight hair look but looks incredible with he side fringe and side swept style.




Victoria Beckham

Possibly the most well known of the girls she has become a fashion idol for so many people and has a family that is celebrity royalty. This softly spoken, stern beauty knows how to dress to impress and uses all the tricks in the book to create a killer style. From contouring, smokey eyes and hair extensions this lady does whatever it takes to make a simple black suit into a modern day classic. She has gone for a classy style here to match with her dramatic makeup, the chignon. If you are ever trying to dress to impress and want to add a bit of volume around your crown the chignon is the way to go.




Geri Halliwell

From singing to designing and writing this gutsy girl is multi talented for sure. She was always one of the loudest of the girls and we can see how she gets the attention of the public for her talents. Since the group originally split in 1998 Geri has gotten married and is a mother of two and step mother of one. Enough about her life it is her style that we are so shocked about the change in. in the 90’s we knew her for her bright red mane and blonde streaks but this is the furthest thing from her down to earth, laid back look now. These says Geri prefers a subtle ginger tones and we have to admit it looks so much better on her.




Mel B

Scary Spice with loud, proud and hair the mini space bun look we love now. She is more known for her take no nonsense attitude on America’s Got Talent than her singing these days but she has definitely improved her sense of style. We barely see a leopard print outfit these days but she is definitely a fan of bold colours. One thing has stayed the same she still like to play with her look, a blunt cut bob or long locks, she looks amazing either way.




Mel C

This lady has had the biggest style transformation. She was once the tomboy of the group but she is now a certified bombshell and continues to rock her performance career. For those of you that saw her in Blood Brothers, you are super lucky. She looks like she has come into her own with a soft wave to her hair and thin highlights to lighten her deep brunette hair.


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