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Must try 80’s inspired styles

The 80’s may have been nearly 40 years ago but the trends are not dead. Last year the 90’s was the big decade of inspiration but this year is all about the 80’s. Like all think trends are reinventions of the inspiration and this is no different. Keep reading this step by step guide to great 80’s trend looks.


clip in hair extensions-80s-style-crimped-hair


Crimped hair

If you think crimped hair has only been popular recently then you need to check out Demi Moore’s 80 hair. Crimped hair is great for showing off your hair and adding shape and texture to ordinary straight locks. Crimped braided hairstyles are stunning and will be seen around the music festivals in a couple of months. If you want to make this striking, add hair extensions to the lower half of your hair. The trick to getting an interesting look is to vary the areas you crimp. Divide your hair into rows and crimp a small section every couple of inches. Divide your hair in half and create a thick French braid with the top half. Secure with an elastic hair tie and conceal it by wrapping strands of hair around it. Make sure you pinch the sections of your braid to make it look full and ad hairspray so it will last all day.



clip in hair extensions-80s-style-scrunchies



As we went into the mid 90’s scrunchies were being thrown out left and right in favour of more subtle hair ties but this year they are back. This time it will not be added to an extremely curly voluminous style but the scrunchy itself is the show stopper for this style. Create a centre parting and straighten your hair so it is poker straight. Gather your hair into a low ponytail but don’t fasten your scrunchie near the nape of your neck, instead add it ¾ of the way down. This looks super relaxed and is perfect for a day out.


clip in hair extensions-80s-style-bed-head-waves


Bedhead Waves

Curls and waves were big last season but last year they were very sleek and no wave was out of place. If you are a fan of big name stylists companies like Jonathan Simkhai, Alice and Olivia and Anna Sui have all been rocking the not so manicured waves look. This was huge in the 80’s with people like Alyssa Milano making it look hot and inspire stylist today. To create this look you start by washing and air drying your locks if you don’t already have hair extensions in, put them in particularly around your crown. For this look, bigger is better. Mousse will be your secret weapon here as it helps to keep the flow intact. Grab your hairdryer and turn it down to warm and flip your forward to help the mouse soak in and maximise your body. Flip your hair back and blow dry your hairline by lifting the strands before adding heat. If you have a wide toothed comb grab it now. Take large sections of hair and gently backcomb your locks to extenuate your curls. Hairspray and you will look 80’s glam.


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