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How to straighten your hair without loosing your volume

If you want lovely manageable locks, straightening your hair has been a trick that women have gone for, for decades. One of the things that you will have all struggled with have dealt with is having your hair looking flat. What we really want is soft looking hair that looks natural, even if we are rocking our hair extensions most of the time. Keep reading to find out how you can get the perfect straightened style.

clip in extensions-straighten-prepare


Hair is much easier to straighten when it doesn’t have as much hair oil clumping strands of hair together. To begin with I would recommend washing your hair. Now you have clean locks it is time to prepare your hair for styling. We all know that heat isn’t the best for our hair so this is a must. This could be a serum or a preheat protecting spray that you spritz from halfway down to your ends. If you have hair extensions in check out Cliphair’s heat protecting spray, It also reconnects broken disulphide sulphur bonds in the hair, which is a plus.

clip in extensions-straighten-which-extensions-are best

Which hair extensions are the best?

When you have spent years straightening your hair, it can get dry and weak so it is understandable that we go for hair extensions to make our hair look full and luscious. Getting the right type of extension for your hair is crucial, particularly when you are straightening your hair. Consider how you are going to use your extensions. If they are going to be used every day then tape in extensions may be the perfect thing for you because your seems will be invisible. If however, you are only intending to use you extensions occasionally for certain hairstyles, then clip-ins will suit you.

clip in extensions-straighten-get-some-lift

Get some lift

This is the secret to keeping your hair full of the body even when you are straightening your hair. Divide your hair into one-inch sections from your hairline to your crown then grab your sulphur free mousse and apply it right at your roots and at your crown.  Once applied massage it in this is great to make sure it is worked into your hair and help some extra air into your hair.


clip in extensions-straighten-turn-up-heat

Turn up the heat

Turn your hairdryer onto the medium, so it doesn’t burn your hair, and dry and brush your hair so it is dry enough to straighten. I look like a lion at this point so if you do too, don’t worry. A big hair hack here is to let your hair dry in the opposite direction to the way you are going to style it so your roots get the most body. If, for instance, you are going to part it on the right, sweep it to the left to dry. Once your hair cools put it into position and lightly tease the roots and smooth over the top. You only actually need your straighteners to finish and the trick is to start below where you teased. Don’t forget to add hairspray

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