Fell in love with the colourful, carefree, and deliciously retro vibe of the funky era? Well, that’s relatable. The iconic 70s music and unique fashion style is going strong this year, and if you’re looking to give your mane a groovy makeover, then look no further than these fluffy, bouncy, and big hairstyles to channel your 70s diva energy. 

Blunt Haircut

Blunt lengths were quite popular during the 70s, and many super models and musical performers made this their haircut of choice in opposition to the multi-layered hairstyles of the time. If your hairstyle needs a dramatic change, consider a blunt haircut! This way you’ll be able to keep things versatile and have a great haircut that is easy to manage and style, no matter what your fashion choice will be today or tomorrow. On top of that, blunt haircuts can still be elevated by using hair extensions, such as in the case of Ultra Volume hair extensions – designed to add thickness and body even in haircuts that are usually hard to blend in with clip ins. 

The Beehive

This haircut became famous during the 60s, thanks to personalities such as Priscilla Presley. Even in contemporary times, the beehive is still a niche yet beloved choice for many other artists, including Lana Del Rey and the late iconic singer Amy Winehouse. A beehive can be recreated with the use of clip in hair extensions to add volume and body to your natural tresses, also allowing you to get the lived-in, gently tousled effect that characterises a well-crafted, romantic, and rebellious 70s beehive. You can finish the look by leaving out some curled tendrils, inspired by the iconic look of Goldie Hawn.

Low Pigtails

Pigtails are back! And yes, they are very popular and trendy among adults too. I have talked more in detail about the modern pigtails look on our dedicated blog: 10 Cute Pigtails Hairstyle Ideas To Try This Year. You can recreate this iconic look as seen on Mila Kunis in That 70s Show with the help of clip in hair extensions or by using clip in ponytail hair extensions. Finish the look with a pair of cute scrunchies and you’re all good to go!

Headscarf Hairstyle

Wearing a headscarf, bandana or headband isn’t just a practical way to keep your hair away from your face, but also a great accent to complete a smoking hot outfit. The 70s are well-known for the creativity gravitating around hairstyles and trendy accessories, and when these two worlds collide you get an astonishing roster of new looks to try. Even a pair of statement sunglasses can dramatically change a classic 70s blowout! The beloved headscarf hairstyle ideas of the 70s are coming back, and it’s easy to see why. You could also look into getting a matching set with a top and bandana made of the same fabric or with the same pattern or colours. Last but not least, this is also a clever idea to hide roots that need a touch-up or any hair extensions slipping off!

Baby Braids

Baby braids aren’t something that Gigi Hadid discovered by herself, but a look that characterised many different, iconic hairstyles from some of the most glamorous decades of the past – including the 70s, the 80s, and the infamous 90s. These hippie-esque accents are perfect to add a touch of texture to your mane and create body and movement in a long, sleek hairstyle. If your natural hair is lacking the necessary thickness and volume to make this look yours, you can always resort to a discreet solution such as Seamless hair extensions. Nothing else to worry about – just make sure you put together a slaying outfit!

Face-Framing Layers

Inspired by the Japanese Hime haircut, face-framing layers that focus on the edges of your features and topped by brow-grazing bangs can be the perfect way to adopt your own 70s style in a soft, achievable way. Big and feathered layers may not be for everyone, and the same goes for a full fringe a la Jane Birkin, so this type of haircut presents itself as a great middle-ground to still try and take on this trend without going through a dramatic change. If you’re still unsure about cutting your fringe, you can always experiment with a set of clip in bangs to avoid any mistakes that may take months and months of patience to regrow.

Velcro Rollers Curls

If you like your hair big and fluffy, then try using Velcro rollers on your hair! Even if you are wearing Remy human hair extensions, this heatless curling technique will work wonders on your tresses and leave you with a fresh, bouncy, and voluminous blowout. Big curls were everything in the 70s, as seen on multiple celebrities and models of the era. Those who weren’t blessed with naturally curly hair spent a fortune at the salon, but you can now get the same results in the comfort of your own home! Read more about how to use these handy hair accessories in our dedicated blog: Curls For Days: The Ultimate Velcro Rollers Guide.

Sunkissed Highlights

Being out in the sun and enjoying lots of outdoor activities was an everyday thing in the 70s, 80s, and somewhat the 90s – before technology took over. Summer school breaks and weekends mostly meant going out and getting some fresh air with friends and family, and for many people, this also meant going under the sun without protecting their hair appropriately. Whilst the downside of this all was getting dry and brittle hair because of sun damage, the upside of it was the arrival of sunkissed highlights, which many wanted to recreate at home or at the salon not to miss out on that “just came back from a day-trip at the beach” look. Whilst you can get a full head of highlights done at the salon, a cheaper (and kinder) choice to add a dash of light to your tresses nowadays can be the use of highlighted hair extensions.

Side-parted Glamour

Get inspired by an iconic diva such as Jerry Hall, the unforgettable Texan supermodel whose majestic mane has left decades of audiences speechless. Instead of indulging in the raging craze of layered haircuts, the star always committed to regular trims and stayed loyal to her long, even haircut. Worn in a seductive side part and often styled in glorious, jumbo waves and curls, Jerry Hall’s hair is an example of natural and simple beauty to get inspired by. Adding Remy hair extensions to your mane can help you make it thicker for plumper curls and a fuller, stunning finish.

Side Ponytail

Although this look was made famous by 80s magazines and gym culture, it all started in the 70s – although, with a more elegant rather than sporty approach. The side ponytail, often seen paired with side-swept long bangs and delicate accessories such as velvet scrunchies and bows, could easily be spotted on young women during the 1970s – on their way to work, school, or whilst hanging out with their friends. Usually worn low and resting on one’s shoulder, the side ponytail is still a great choice for those looking to achieve a subtly groovy yet classy hairstyle. Using a wrap around clip in ponytail can allow you to make this look yours in just a couple of minutes, guaranteeing all the length and thickness necessary to rock this hairstyle as if it was designed for you. You can look into flipping the ends out with a flat iron or give it a gentle curl on the ends for a softer finish. 


70s beauty trends and fashion are coming back, and I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on the gorgeous and colourful details. Start with your hair: with these incredible haircuts and hairstyles as your inspiration and the right set of hair extensions in your hands, you’ll be able to pull off many different hairstyles that will make you feel (and look) like the ultimate 70s beauty queen!

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