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Is your shampoo ruining your hair?

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

We all know that second day hair looks far better than first day hair but have you ever wondered why? Well the answer may be in what you are using. Many shampoos have loads of lather making us think they are doing a super good job but there are some harmful chemicals that are in many shampoos that make or hair dry and weak, no wonder we get horrible frizz!


What are sulfates?

Sulfates or SLS are in the majority of hair care products but actually aren’t caring for your hair at all. Sulfate is a chemical that irritates your skin, hair and eyes. If you are a dandruff sufferer or walk out of the shower with blotchy red eyes, you now know what to blame.


What does it do?

So the key thing sulfates do is strip. They take your essential oils and leave your hair dry and not nice to touch. For people with naturally oily hair this is still a major issue for you. Once your hair is stripped of its oils it tries to replace them ASAP, meaning your hair starts to feel greasy really quickly.


Why are they in our shampoo?

Put bluntly- they are cheap. They get rid of that oily feeling and create the lather we are use to but the price to our hair far outweighs the lather benefit. So it is well worth investing in sulfer and alcohol free products to keep yourself looking and feeling healthier.


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