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Steal her style: Sienna Miller

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

When we think about style icons and Sienna Miller is one of the greats! If this Brit-American actress isn’t on the screens she is front row at all the big fashion events and we can tell! This blonde bombshell never seems to have a bad fashion or hair day! This is something that us mere mortals can only dream of. So instead of dreaming we have decided to have a look at some of her best looks so we can be fashion goddesses as well!


Sienna, the extended edition

Miss Miller is such a chameleon and is not afraid to go after the styles she loves! That is why we all love her. We all know that she has been rocking the shaggy bob hairdo for some time now (she is one of the people we all started copying in the first place) so this style is a far cry from what we are use to seeing of late. Opting for the high sleek ad sexy ponytail Sienna has flawlessly added hair extensions and smoothed them to perfection. I particularly love her fringe and face framing strands, she sure knows how to work effortless beauty! Her biggest style win for this look is her lack of fly aways, this is her perfection only a sulphate free serum can achieve. Protection and perfection.


Frenching it out!

If you are as blessed as sienna is with having a symmetrical face work it with a centre parting. Most of us are not as modellesque as Sienna but braids hide all manner of facial quirks. This style is brilliant if you have a busy day ahead as it stays out of the way so there is no excuse to cancel your yoga class this January. We love her little bit of teasing at the roots to create this stunning style. Make sure your hair is thoroughly brushed at the back before you start this style, there is nothing worse than lumps and bumps ruing your perfect look. When if doubt use your pinky as a width measurer for how much hair to add to your french braid each time and hairspray to finish.


Boho Chic

We all have those days: we wake up, have a heart attack because we have missed our alarm, have no time to wash our hair and are still struggling to put on makeup on the bus. After so many parties last month this month can feel like a month long hangover. So having a few tricks on ‘natural beauty’ and hairstyles that look effortlessly stunning are a god send. Sienna had mastered this half up, half down look with a centre parting. The beauty of this style is that it doesn’t matter if a few strands are sticking out as long as the general shape is there it looks amazing! If you have missed your hair appointment, tease your roots a little to give your hair a more alive look. If you know you are going to be late to work, don’t sweat it just pop some clip in extensions in your handbag ready to put in on the bus. Your work mates will never know!

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