Have short hair and need it to grow faster? Or maybe your considering short hair but your worried you wont like it? The good news is if you find yourself in either scenarios, there is a very simple solution. Today’s blog will explain how to get your natural hair growing faster, how to style short hair growing out and how to use Hair Extensions to add length whilst you’re waiting for it to grow back.

1. How long does it take to grow your hair out? (back to index)

On average our hair grows about half an Inch every month roughly 6 Inches per year, in visual terms a pixie cut will take about a year to reach your shoulders if you wait it out. The growth rate of your hair will also depend on the condition of it, if your hair is healthy and receives enough nutrients it will grow at the normal rate. Hair that’s dry, damaged or in bad condition may take longer as its weaker and more prone to breakage.

2. How to grow your hair out faster naturally? (back to index)

message note image "self care isn't selfish"

Self-care isn’t selfish, its crucial! Taking care of your hair and health is the most effective way to speed up the growth cycle of your hair. See below for our top tips.

  • Eat healthy! A vitamin rich, balanced diet ensures your hair nails and skin receive essential nutrients to help them thrive and grow. Under or Overeating can cause deficiencies in the body that can lead to hair weakness and loss.
  • Drink lots of water! Another way to keep your hair healthy is to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Get some sun! Hair grows slightly faster in the warmer months, while this can be a blessing and a curse well still take it even if It does mean more trips to the waxing salon.
  • Avoid using heat and chemicals. Short hair has less surface area to protect itself so it can be more prone to breakage, using heated tools or strong chemicals like bleach/dye can weaken the structure of the hair prolonging the growth cycle. If you really must use heat on the hair protect it first with a Heat Protection Spray.
  • Have regular trims! Yes, we know this sounds silly, but it really is true. How often to trim your hair when growing it out is still up for debate in the hair world but we recommend having a couple of centimetres taken off every 12 weeks to remove any dead or split ends. This strengthens the hair preventing it from snapping later on down the line and encourages faster growth.

3. How to grow out the back of your hair? (back to index)

Ever wondered how some of your favourite celebrities have short hair one day and long, flowing locks the next? They seem to completely skip that awkward shoulder length stage; they do this by using Hair Extensions to disguise the natural length of their hair. You too can achieve the length of your dreams while waiting for your own hair to grow with Cliphair hair extensions, read on to see for yourself.

before and after image

A graduated bob like in the before and after above is notoriously difficult to grow out due to the layers at the back. As the hair is all different lengths (graduated) it grows at different levels which can be very hard to style. Using Tape-In extensions is the best way to combat this as they are placed in rows and lay totally flat to the head completely disguising any chunky layers underneath.

Tape-In Hair Extensions can stay in the hair for 6-8 weeks before needing to be removed. Once they are removed, they can be re-taped and re-applied for another 6-8 weeks providing they are still in good condition. During this time your natural hair will have grown almost 2 Inches, you will be shocked at how much when you have the extensions removed after 12 weeks. This is a great cost-effective shortcut to longer hair that won’t affect the quality of your natural locks.

4. How to grow out the front of your hair? (back to index)

Growing out your hair at the front and sides can be tricky as it tends to be the weakest part. This is because there is less hair than the back and it’s also the part that touches the hair band when the hair is put up, this creates friction against the hair causing breakage. Try to avoid wearing your hair up when growing out the front and sides, if you really need to have it up use silk scrunchies or claw clips. These are kinder to the hair shaft causing less breakage on the delicate front layers.

Clip-In Hair Extensions are also a great way to fill in the gaps when your trying to grow the front and sides of your hair. Using the smaller side pieces and placing them under the top parting will give volume and length to thinner areas around the face whilst staying discreet. This is a great temporary option for events and occasions and super easy to do yourself! Take a look at how @anniecherrymakeup cleverly hides her short hair whilst using a full head of Ultra-Volume Clip-Ins.

5. How to style short hair growing out? (back to index)

If your happy to wait it out and go with the stages of growing your short hair out there are some really cute styles and styling hacks that you can try in between.

6. Textured Short Hair (back to index)

textured short hair

Try using some Texturizing paste or dry texture spray to add a edgy finish to the hair. This works so well with pixie cuts and really adds some personality to a sometimes flat hairstyle. Our favourite texture paste is the Pearl Styler from Wella which is perfect for short hair styles.

7. Casual & Beachy Waves for Short Hair (back to index)

When creating beachy, casual waves in hair above the shoulders it can be tricky. A top tip is to aim the curling wand downwards and curl each strand in a different direction. You want to avoid a symmetrical, perfect look as you are going for laid back, I woke up like this hair!

casual & beach waves hair style

8. Braids for Short Hair (back to index)

braid short hair

French Braids are a fantastic way of keeping your hair out of the way when its still to short to get into a hairband or clip. Your hair only has to be 4 Inches long to be able to braid so this versatile style really is for anyone. Its also way kinder to the hair than putting hair bands in as these will rub against the hair causing it to weaken and eventually break.

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