With the boom of celebrities going red this past year and the coming up of pumpkin spice season, a lot of brunettes are looking to explore redhead hairstyles for their next best hair transformation. And whilst being tempted to go red is easy, achieving the new look on brown hair isn’t as instant! Whether you're looking for a subtle shift with a warm infusion of red tones in your tresses or a bold change going from brown to a fiery mane, achieving auburn hair is within your reach – all you need to do is to read this blog, and make an informed choice about your upcoming hair colour. 

Choosing The Right Auburn Shade

Before buying the hair dye and splattering on your locks, it is essential that you choose your shade of auburn carefully. Picking a new hair colour is an important choice, and you should never do it without considering important factors such as:

Skin Undertone: whether your skin is fair or rich in melanin, your undertone can determine whether you’re leaning towards cool shades, warm shades, or neutral. This is essential not only to find out which hair shades suit you the most, but also to pick jewellery and clothes.

Eye Colour: another important factor is that you’re likely to want to enhance your gaze. This can help you pick the intensity of your colour, such as dark tresses to improve contrast, for example.

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Step-by-Step Dyeing Process

Although you could be dyeing your hair at home, this is something I usually personally don’t recommend – but again, just because I’ve made a mess up there in my hair, it doesn’t mean that you are forbidden from giving it a shot. Make sure you always follow a patch test before using hair dye, even if temporary, to avoid any dangerous allergic reactions.

Strand Testing: apply the product to a small section of hair (a strand) and leave it to process for the recommended amount of time. This will allow you to get an idea of what the final colour will look like. Pick a strand that isn’t usually too “out there”, so that it can easily be concealed if you don’t like it.

Application Process: divide your hair into sections, and apply the auburn dye from root to tips, making sure every section is fully covered for an even finish. If not provided with your colouring kit, you could look into buying your very own tinting brush for a precise, thorough application!

Processing Time: depending on your chosen hair dye and bran, the processing time may vary. Usually it ranges from 20 to 45 minutes, but this could change also depending on your desired intensity. For more precise results, refer to the instructions provided with your colouring kit.

If you are dyeing human hair extensions, please make sure you take them to a trained hair professional instead. Remy hair extensions may not meet your expectations and react to hair dye the same way your natural hair would, therefore you’ll need an expert to perform a test and be ready to colour-correct any booboos. 

Caring For Auburn Hair

Once you’ve achieved your desired redhead look, there are a few things that you can do to make sure your auburn hair always looks (and feels) amazing!

Use Colour-Safe Products: red is the colour that fades away the easiest, unfortunately. Make sure you preserve the vibrancy of your auburn tresses by investing in colour-preserving shampoo and conditioners, and supercharge your red with a weekly deep conditioning treatment with a colouring formula! 

Minimise Heat Damage: another way to preserve your hair colour is to limit the use of heat styling tools, such as blow-dryers, flat irons and hair curlers. Excessive heat is one of the number one causes behind colour fading in hair! When using heat-based styling tools, simply remember to apply a heat protectant product to shield your tresses from the heat.

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Enhancing Your Auburn Look With Red Hair Extensions

Making the most of your new hair colour starts from a gorgeous, gorgeous hairstyle. And you can easily make it yours with human hair extensions! Whether you’re looking to add volume, thickness, length, highlights or lowlights, or even all of the above, there is a product for you. Starting from the easier clip in hair extensions options that you can use at home to transform your hair and ending with permanent hair extensions for a flawless makeover to achieve with the help of your favourite hairstylist, Cliphair’s red hair extensions are the perfect product for you. 


Achieving stunning auburn hair from brown isn’t too difficult, and by using the right products and following the right steps you can easily get your flawless redhead transformation in no time! Explore our collection of auburn hair extensions to complement your new style and always look glamorous.

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