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How to care your hair extensions in winter?

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

It’s not the wise approach towards hair extensions to let the windy winter overcome us with all of its catastrophic damages and then we think about the cure. Why to procrastinate something that is supposed to be nipped in the bud? Why to keep our hair extensions on stake, let them suffer wintry mutilation and make them weak enough to be dead so early? Not so wise, beauties.

Winter has entered along with rain and your hair extensions are on great risk. Do you hear the high alert bell? Yeah, you certainly do. So to minimize the chances of damage, let’s find hair extensions care tips and precautions for their long and healthy life.

Never compromise on shampoo and conditioner

The money saving idea seems bit tempting but it can get you in deep trouble. Poor quality shampoos and conditioners damage hair extensions with rapid speed. It’s highly recommended to rinse your hair extensions with good quality shampoo with a day off, that means 4 times a week. Regular shampooing can lead to dryness of your hair extensions.

Conditioner can be used daily, depending upon the dryness. If they are less dry, then daily conditioning is not advised but always use cold water for rinsing, it helps locking the moisture inside your hair. Also, make sure you don’t compromise the quality of conditioner.

Do not use very warm water

Very warm water damages hair extensions, so you should rather use mild warm and if possible slightly cold. But again, very cold water can harm your hair either. Be careful.

Hair dryers and Curling Tongs are harmful

Even if it’s not winter, hair dryers and curling tongs are bit insensitive to hair. If essential, keep the hair dryer little warm and hair tongs are better not used throughout winter. You can find other hair styles to keep you look sexy. If you just can’t stop doing curling, then try styling the top layer of hair and not whole.


Avoid going out with Wet Hair

Going out with wet hair will risk your them the potential freezing which will end up on splitting. Yeah, it’s not cool anyway.

Keep your hair extensions trimmed

If you have long hair extensions particularly, keep them trimmed very often. It will save your hair extensions from split ending and if not trimmed, split ends will go upside your hair. Sounds very terrible? Indeed.

Cover your heard

Use hat or scarf for covering. Else cold itself is very dangerous to hair extensions. But make sure your hat is not very tight, else it will make your hair greasy. And of course, you must wash your hat daily.

Moisture your hair everyday

Make a habit of moistening your hair extensions daily. It can be by conditioner, serum, spray etc.

If you have particular query regarding your hair extension, write back to us and we know how to better cure them.

Happy Winter J

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