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Christmas Celebrations with Free Hair Extensions

Authored By Aida Huget

Oof. It has been the busiest week and reason is obvious. In this week, as promised, we celebrated the Christmas Festivity by launching our first ever contest ‘Let’s share, care and win’ on Facebook. We were glad to see our lovelies’ urge to win and promising participation. We didn’t expect it to be as huge as of red-carpet-moment, but for the first contest, it was good to start with. We received number of Hair Extension Tips which I am going to feature in my today’s post.

Due to some incomplete submissions of our contestants, I won’t be able to feature everyone’s hair extensions tips, but of those who have done the proper submission. Also, it was observed that instead of submitting their hair extension tips, some of our contestants, merely left a message that why do they want hair extensions. Was it too hard to submit the tips and get votes? But better luck next time

However, I thoroughly enjoyed the contest and energy that I received from our fans. Some of the contestants submitted more than one tips that was too much of energy. I LOVED IT.

Sarah Desharnais:

“Before washing hair extensions or even just for a quick touch up on the hairs softness and shiny-ness. Fill your sink up about half way with warm water and put some hydrating conditioner in the water and swish it around. Then take you extensions and set them in the water making sure not to put the clips in though as they may rust or weaken over time. Leave them in their for however long you want and make sure to rinse them off before you take them out! They will feel so soft and hydrated. This is good for days where you don’t feel like washing them all but still want them to have a soft, hydrated feel to them.”

Megan Freke:

“If you have thicker hair i would recommend looking at the weight of the hair 100g is the best, also send a snippet of your own hair so they can match the color exactly.

Another tip is when drying your extensions leave to dry naturally. When travelling buy a storage case for your extensions so they don’t become matted.”

Kimberly Butler

“To keep your extensions looking real, I suggest you stay with a reasonable length. I never go much longer than five inches past my shoulders. It is extremely important to get a color as close to your natural hair as possible.”

Cara Bowler:

“Always make sure you do a straight part where you’re going to clip in the hair, it’s easier and cleaner that way.

If the clips slide down your hair easily or come out, try backcombing the part where you’re going to clip into your hair & hairspraying it, so it stays in place.

Always use a wide toothed comb to brush your extensions & make sure they’re tangle free before you put them in.

If you’re going to use heat tools on them make sure you use a heat protectant spray as its human hair so it needs to be treated like your own.

Don’t wash them too often and only use a PH balanced shampoo (something like baby shampoo)

When you wash them always let them air dry, as blow drying can create damage.”

Jessica Koglin:

“Treat your hair extensions like it’s your real hair. Wash your hair extensions once or twice a week, depending on how often you wear them. When washing your hair extensions, use warm water and rather than bundling up the hair, run your fingers through the hair. Remember to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. After washing your hair extensions, try to leave them to dry naturally, or if you must, blow dry them on a low/cool setting. Brush your hair extensions with a soft bristled brush, but ONLY when they are dry. When brushing, try to brush small sections of hair at a time and use gentle movements, as being rough with the hair could pull it out.

Hair curlers and flat irons damage hair extensions, decreasing their longevity. If you want to use a heated tool on your hair, it is best to apply a heat protectant before. As careful as you are with your hair extensions, they will most likely get split ends. To avoid the damage move further up the hair shaft, trim the ends of your hair extensions every 6-10 weeks or whenever needed.”

Helen Partridge:

“When purchasing hair extensions, remember to match the colour to the ends of your hair rather than the root, this will create a prefect colour blend and give you the most natural look.

Use curling tongs or straightening irons to create beautiful waves and give body to your locks.”

Maliha Haider:

“Wear clip-on extensions if you’re only wearing them temporarily, for a special night or event. For longer-lasting extensions, you’ll need to have them sewn-in or bonded to your hair with special glue made for extensions. It’s best to have long-term extensions attached at a salon by a professional. Long-term extensions will probably come in the form of wefts, which look like curtains of hair. Your hair will be braided to your scalp in cornrows and the wefts are attached to the braids (tracks) by sewing.”

Important Notice: Heartfelt congratulations to the winners. Do tell me how much you liked your hair extensions when you will get them later. Happy Christmas


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