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#hairhacks How To Fit Clip In Fringe Extensions

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

The clip in fringe is the styling equivalent of Ugg boots and space buns. It sounds more than a little silly on paper, but if you’re bold enough to try it, you’ll discover a world of (super cute) possibilities. Just recently, one of our favourite raven haired beauties – Keira Knightly – admitted that her perfect tresses have been thanks to a collection of great wigs.

The fact that the story made headline news and featured heavily in all of the beauty and gossip magazines just goes to show that we’re a nation obsessed with our hair. And, finding out that superstars like to cheat their way to flawlessness just as much as the rest of us do was a pretty delightful revelation. It also has us wondering which celebs have hit the red carpet in fantastically faux fringes.

Today, we’re going to show you how to make clip in bangs look like hotter than Britney Spears and G-Eazy at the VMAs.

Step One: Wash Your Hair Piece

If you want to wash your hair piece before you wear it for the first time, make sure that it’s completely dry in time for styling. Lots of ladies prefer to get an inaugural wash in because it takes away that ‘new’ smell and gives it a natural shine. You don’t have to do this though, as the clip in fringe is ready to go right from the packet.

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Step Two: Micro Braid the Base

Once you’re fully prepped, you need to take a small section of hair and use it to create a tight, close to the scalp braid just above your forehead. This is where the fringe will sit and how it will stay secure. Use the hair piece as a guide for how long the braid needs to be. Generally, around an inch from the hairline is best.

Step Three: Clip It On and Start Trimming

Attaching the clip in fringe is really simple, because the grips just slide right under the braid. The tighter it is, the more firm the hold will be. You may have to practice a few times if you’re not familiar with the method. Or, get a friend to help you out. Once secure and unlikely to shift, dig out a pair of scissors and start styling. The length of the clip is likely to fall right over your eyes, so a bit of trimming is necessary.

Step Four: Powder the Roots for a Match

It will be tricky to tell just how close the colour match between your real and fake hair is until the fringe is attached and ready for styling. It may be that the tones are ever so slightly different. For the most part, it will be completely unnoticeable. However, dusting the roots around the fringe is an easy way to blend the two together.

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Step Five: Go Style Crazy

Just as you would with full hair extensions, you now need to make sure that the shape and style of the fringe blends perfectly with your natural tresses. So, if your own hair is a little wavy and has a curvy bounce to it, get the irons out and introduce some body to your bangs. Alternatively, if you want to wear your hair poker straight, style everything at the same time. Before applying heat based devices, spray your fringe with a high quality protective treatment.


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