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HAIR EXTENSIONS Q&A – Hair extensions and our own hair | Session 1

HAIR EXTENSIONS Q&A – Hair extensions and our own hair | Session 1


Hello and welcome to the first part of our new Q&A series. We set out to find the burning questions on everyone’s lips and answer them, so you don’t have to! We collect questions from you (yes you!) our lovely customers and answer them every week! Here at Cliphair, we hear a lot of talk about hair extensions, and particularly the potential they have to damage your hair! This, however, isn’t the case so we’re here to dispel the myths and separate the fact from fiction!


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Do clip in hair extensions damage your hair?

 damage hair

  ” Clip in hair extensions shouldn’t damage your natural hair because they’re attached with smooth plastic-coated clips and not glue or heat. Apply them well and select the right weight for your hair and you should find your hair stays in tip-top condition. Learn more about clip in extensions and natural hair damage. Clip in extensions come in many forms, sizes, and weights, and are one of the most popular types of hair extensions thanks to the way they don’t interfere with your natural hair.

Because they’re easy to put in and remove, they don’t affect your lifestyle as much as permanent extensions. And because they don’t need to be applied with glue or heat, they’re very unlikely to damage your hair. Clip in extensions are made from a weave of hair that has clips sewn into them for easy attachment.

The clips are normally made of metal, coated with smooth plastic, so they won’t scratch your scalp. Clip in extensions are designed to be easy to use, but like anything in life, they can be harmful if used incorrectly. Damage can take place in one of two ways – incorrect application of your hair extensions and applying too much weight to your hair.


Clip-In Hair Extension Application

The way the clips are placed has a large bearing on the damage to your own hair. You must place the clips vertically otherwise they may pull and tug at your hair, causing discomfort and damage. Correct application is the key to a perfect look and to keeping your own hair healthy without unnecessary strain. If you’re new to clip in extensions, we’d recommend you do a little online research first and watch some tutorials to see how to apply them properly before buying them. If you already suffer from brittle hair or hair loss due to medical reasons, consult your doctor before investing in hair extensions.


Clip In Hair Extension Weights

Hair extensions come in a variety of weights. If you have very fine hair, then too much volume could pull at your hair and cause breakage, which is why it’s so important to get the right weight for your hair as well as the right type of extension. The standard weight for a full head of extensions is 100 to 180 grams of hair, but this depends on how thin your hair is – if you have very fine hair you may need less weight.

If you need help choosing the right extensions for your hair, email us at advice@cliphair.co.uk with details about your own hair and we will help you find the right product for your needs.


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Do clip in extensions stop hair growth?

“Because clip-in hair extensions are attached using small hair clips, they affect your hair in the same way as a normal hair clip. They won’t affect its growth or damage your hair if you apply them properly.  Learn more about clip in extensions and hair growth. Clip in hair extensions will not affect your hair growth. The extensions are attached close to the roots using comb-like clips, and this will not stop your hair from growing”

Clip in extensions have the same effect on your hair as a normal hair clip; they won’t affect its growth or damage your hair if they’re applied properly. However, stunted hair growth could be caused by a poor diet or a lack of scalp stimulation. So, when you’re not wearing your extensions, give your hair a boost by treating yourself to a scalp massage using your fingers or a handy scalp massager. Not only will it help your hair to grow, but it’s a great way to chill out as well.

Do hair extensions help hair grow?

“Sadly, hair extensions will not help your hair grow, although we’d love it if they did! The best way to encourage hair growth is a healthy lifestyle and regular scalp stimulation – such as a gentle scalp massage”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if extensions did help your hair grow? We’d love to say that clip in extensions help hair grow faster, but this statement is just isn’t true. But it’s not all bad news. The stimulation you give your scalp and roots when applying and removing your clip in extensions is pretty valuable and may contribute towards healthy hair.

Even so, there no direct link between clip in hair extensions and hair growth; it’s just like wearing a regular hair clip.  So what can you do to grow your hair? Apart from scalp stimulation, hair growth comes from within – essentially the food you eat. Healthy balanced eating will mean healthy skin, nails, and hair. The bottom line? Look after yourself and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Some supplements – especially those rich in B-vitamins – claim to help boost hair growth but we’d recommend you consult your GP or pharmacist first though before adding supplements to your diet. 

Do hair extensions cause thinning?

“Hair extensions cannot cause hair thinning. If poorly applied they can strain your hair causing breakage, but the hair shaft itself will remain healthy”

Hair thinning can be caused by one of three factors – your genes, your health or chemical treatments. The hair shaft is made up of proteins, known as alpha-keratin, and your hair’s structure depends on your genes; it’s something you are born with – you either have fine hair or you don’t. This said, there are some chemical products which strip the keratin from your hair, and these will thin the hair shaft structure.

This can also happen as a result of certain medical conditions. Wearing external, non-chemical items – such as hair clips, combs or extensions – will not break down the keratin in your hair. They can put a strain on your hair if they’re not applied properly or if the weight is too much for your hair. That’s why we’d always recommend you choose weights that are comfortable to wear and don’t tug on your hair.

Do hair extensions cause hair loss?

“If hair extensions are properly applied, then you should not experience unusual amounts of hair loss. Hair loss will only occur with extensions if they have been poorly fitted or are too heavy for your hair” 

There is a lot of debate on this topic, but the truth is that hair extensions shouldn’t cause hair loss if they’re worn correctly. However, if they’re applied poorly then they might.

Choose your extensions carefully and apply them well and you should be fine. If you feel tugging or pulling, experience a headache or hair loss then you probably need to think again about the way you’re wearing your extensions. It’s essential to choose the right extensions; think about your hair type, the condition of your own hair, the weight of the new hair, and the type of hair extensions used and your overall haircare regime.

We always recommend that you get a professional to fit permanent extensions such as tape extensions, micro-rings or bonded extensions and that you properly research application methods if you plan to wear clip in extensions. If you have a medical condition, ask your doctor before investing in hair extensions.

That wraps up our first ever Q&A! We really hope that you learned something new, and maybe even had your question answered! Not to worry if you didn’t though! There will be plenty more chances to have your say. Simply email advice@cliphair.co.uk, Slide into our DM’s or tag us at @cliphairlimited or #wearcliphair! We aim to feature every single question sent in so don’t be shy! Become part of the Cliphair Community and have your say!


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