In today’s blog we answered some of your burning questions relating to permanent hair extensions that you might not see in your everyday care guide or extensions article. If you’re a newbie when it comes to hair extensions these questions will be especially useful as they cover a lot of the information you need to consider before committing to this permanent option.

1. Do You Need A Break From Hair Extensions? (back to index)

Yes, if you wear permanent hair extensions continuously, taking a break from time to time in between installations to let your natural hair breathe is best. You could even consider using a more light weight temporary option like Clip-In Hair Extensions that are removed daily to give your own hair and scalp some respite during sleep hours.

2. What Is The Most Natural Type Of Hair Extensions? (back to index)

Nano Ring hair extensions are the most natural looking and gentlest extensions. As they are applied strand by strand using tiny pieces of hair they are very discreet and almost invisible even in very fine hair. The application uses no glue or heat making it gentle and less damaging compared to other harsher methods.

3. Do Hair Extensions Hurt At First? (back to index)

The first few days after having hair extensions applied can feel a little uncomfortable, especially if it’s the first time you have used them. Just like anything new added to the body it can take a little time to get used too the extra weight however this will ease after 3-5 days.

4. What Is The Most Comfortable Hair Extension? (back to index)

Tape In Hair Extensions are the most comfortable of all the permanent options. The small weft is made from a very flexible, soft material that lays completely flat to the head and is not attached using any hard rings or tubes.

5. How Long After Hair Extensions Can I Shower? (back to index)

48 hours is the advised timeframe to wait before washing your hair after a professional hair extension application. If the extensions use any type of glue or adhesive to apply like Tape Hair Extensions or Micro Fusion Bonds this will help the stickiness to strengthen preventing any slippage. You can still shower in this time frame just be sure to keep your hair covered, ideally in a shower cap, to protect it from the steam and water.

6. How Often Do Extensions Need To Be Moved Up? (back to index)

Every 6-8 weeks for Tapes, Nanos, Micro-Rings and Weaves.

As your own hair grows your extensions move with it, after 8 weeks there will be a gap between the attachments and your roots. This can make the extensions more noticeable, harder to manage and it can also create knots and matting as hair can get caught up in the gaps.

7. What Are The Best Hair Extensions For Beginners? (back to index)

Clip In extensions are a great option for anyone curious about using hair extensions as they can be applied and removed at your own freedom without the need of professional help. They are a fantastic and affordable way to try out your new look without committing to a permanent application.

8. Can You Use Hairspray On Extensions? (back to index)

Yes! Although hair extensions tend to hold styling better than your own hair sometimes you need some reinforcement, especially with our unpredictable UK weather. As long as it’s a gentle to medium hold spray and its used only on special occasions its totally fine to use. Just make sure to avoid the super strong versions and don’t over coat the hair, if it feels sticky you should wash the hair before styling again. 

9. Is 50 Too Old For Hair Extensions? (back to index)

No Way! There is a bizarre belief in popular culture today that long hair is only suitable for young people, we couldn’t disagree more! Even if you do feel uncomfortable with having longer hair, hair extensions are used for plenty more than just adding length. You can use extensions to add thickness to problem areas, add highlights and colour or to improve the volume and texture of your hair.

10. Do Extensions Fall Out Easily? (back to index)

Tape In Extensions are the most secure type of professional extensions, when applied correctly they very rarely ever fall out in between applications. Nano Tip Hair Extensions and I-Tip Extensions are a little less sturdy and you may lose 10-15 in between your appointments, this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about, your stylist will simply put them back in at your next reposition. Always avoid using conditioner or hair oil at the roots of your hair if wearing extensions as this can cause them to loosen and eventually slip away.

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