With the fascinating fact that less than 2% of the total population of the world have natural ginger hair, it’s easy to see why many people become a bit nervous when thinking about getting ginger hair extensions. There are several shades this fiery show-stopping colour, ranging from rich, deep burgundy to spicy, fiery auburn. There is, however, a copper hair extensions shade to suit every skin tone and texture — the key to perfect ginger hair is finding the right shade that works for you. That’s why today we break down everything you need to know about ginger hair extensions.

Natural redheads will tell you just how hard it can be to find ginger extensions that actually match their hair, and often, have to pick the only red shade they can find then dye it. However, here at Cliphair we have seven different shades of red hair extensions so many of you can find what they are looking for or at least find the closet colour match.

You may be worried if the colour will match your skin tone, or perhaps you’re curious to know what the difference between these different shades are. Whatever your concerns maybe, we hope this narrowed down breakdown of our range of ginger hair extensions (perhaps one of the biggest range you’ll find – we have 7 different hues of red), will give you an understanding of this stunning hair extensions colour that never seems to go out of fashion.

1. Dark Auburn Hair Extensions (#33) (back to index)

Dark Auburn Ginger Hair Extensions (#33)

Deep auburn with distinct coppery tones, this warm ginger shade is on the dark side but warm auburn mix with subtle copper undertones. Dark auburn shades give rich, deep colour and completement both a colour match to your own natural hair or as a contrast to darker or lighter hair.

If you are a natural redhead but wish to vamp up your look, changing your hair to a deeper red shade, instead of your natural auburn hue, this colour is perfect. Dark Auburn/Copper Red (#33) is the darkest red shade we offer, and it blends perfectly with a natural redhead and give A list hair with plenty of volume and length - you wont go wrong here if you're looking for the perfect copper hair extensions.

2. Ginger/Natural Red Hair Extensions (#350) (back to index)

Ginger/Natural Red Hair Extensions (#350)

The classic ginger – a neutral ginger red shade with an orange undertone full of life and vibrancy. This true red shade blends well with most red hair colours, whether you are naturally blessed with ginger hair, or are planning on dyeing your hair.

This shade’s a statement colour – the warm copper and red undertones shine through in direct sunlight, adding a touch of fieriness to your look.

3. Strawberry/ Ginger Blonde Human Hair Extensions (#27) (back to index)

Strawberry/ Ginger Blonde Ginger Hair Extensions (#27)

Although mostly based on red tones with subtle blonde highlights, Strawberry/ Ginger Blonde hair is lighter than most red and ginger shades, leaning towards lighter blonde colours.

This warm golden blonde shade with red undertones is the lightest shade of red in our range. This gorgeous red glossy shade looks refined and is popular due to how easy it is to blend and style with other colours. It also makes the perfect option for anyone unsure of transitioning to ginger, you can add clips or highlights to your mane.

4. Light Auburn Hair Extensions (#30) (back to index)

Ginger hair Extensions

A neutral shade with golden brown and ginger hues, our Light Auburn shade is made of a dark brown base with tints of red and orange throughout. Most ginger/ copper  hair extensions may be too dark or too orange/red, but these are made match natural redheads perfectly as this fiery deep natural-looking auburn shade will match most redheads. This sophisticated shade of russet auburn will also complement those with a pale skin tone.

Although the following colours are not necessarily ginger hair extensions, they are from our range of red hair extensions and if you are considering changing your hair colour to ginger or red, these might be good shades to start before gradually going brighter.

5. Mahogany Red/ Deep Wine Human Hair Extensions (#99J) (back to index)

Mahogany Red/ Deep Wine Ginger Human Hair Extensions (#99J)

Our Mahogany Red shade is an indulgent, a rich and glossy shade of red and brown. Its cool violet undertones give this colour great depth that complements almost every skin tone. If you have brown hair, this colour is a perfect transition to red hair extensions.

You can truly see this colour’s chocolatey tones and the subtle copper hues under direct sunlight, which means great hair all year!

6. Plum/Cherry Red Hair Extensions (#530) (back to index)

Plum/Cherry Red Ginger Hair Extensions (#530)

This incredible mix of red and purple shades works perfectly well with both cold and warm undertones. Our plum/cherry red shade is extraordinary for anybody searching for a fun look without going too bright. This is also another fabulous shade that will keep on looking rich and radiant under any light.

7. Bright Red Hair Extensions (back to index)

Bright Red Hair Extensions

This intense, vivid and fiery colour is not for the faint hearted. A statement colour, this Bright Red has always been a showstopper and will certainly set you apart from the crowd. For natural redheads wanting to go brighter, this is a perfect option as you don’t have to dye your own natural hair, therefore preventing damaging your hair. You can truly see this colour’s chocolatey tones and the subtle copper hues under direct sunlight, which means great hair all year!

8. Looking after your ginger hair extensions (back to index)

Bright Red Hair Extensions

To look after your red or ginger hair is equally challenging for the ones who are not born with or have dyed (which is quite a lot of work, to be frank) or own Cliphair hair extensions. It is mainly because the colour molecules of red and ginger hair are larger than any other colours’ molecules. Natural or dyed, both are ultra-sensitive to midday sunlight and chlorine water. So, one has to be mindful of the maintenance of red and ginger hair extensions.

We have listed some go-to tips on how to keep your red/ ginger hair shiny, healthy and long-lasting. This goes the same if you dye your hair extensions red instead of having your own. But first of all, be prepared to give extra care for looking fantastic in stunning rouge!

Shampoo + Conditioner

Always go for the shampoos and conditioners designed particularly for the red colour hair. They contain a high concentration of nurturing and protective agents. These elements are full of antioxidants which revitalise hair and keep it vibrant and full of life especially for red hair due to larger colour molecules. Products made of a mignonette tree, also known as a henna tree, is also tried and tested product to enhance original colour and keep it firm and fresh while Henna can also be used for dyed red hair to rejuvenate the look of it. This is the best option if you want to go for something that is a bit more natural and less harsh on your hair.

Use colour rinse and toner

Don’t wait too long to use a colour rinse. As soon as you see the red colour is fading between colour treatments. The rinse colour treatment will give extra vibrancy to the hair. This will keep your hair looking fresher for longer and stop you having to dye your hair too soon (let’s face it we all know that dying your hair isn’t great for it). There is a big difference between being a redhead and brassy locks. Colours like strawberry blonde are notoriously hard to master and it becomes hard to avoid the brass. What will help is toner, and don’t skimp on it. This will keep your colour ‘purer’ for longer.

Hair Care Products for Hair Extensions

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