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Get that look the pull through pigtail braids

Whether you are enjoying the bank holiday Monday or sleeping off a brilliant weekend of fun we want look good. Whilst sophisticated updos are great for a night out but when you want to have fun in the sun it calls for a more playful style. A deceptively simple style to emulate is the pigtail pull through braids. The best thing about this style is that it looks amazing from any angle! We have all tried a braid style that looks amazing from the front but a total mess from the back but this style will keep you insta ready from any angle.




Straighten those locks.

 This faux braid style is deceptive and fabulous. It is not only not a braid but it is also best suited to straight hair. Make sure your hair is clean and dry and pop in your extensions. This style is all about thickness and glamour so start from step one. If you you are a straightening virgin the best way to do it with extensions is in rows. When you divide your hair, clip in your extensions and straighten them in with your hair so it blends. Make sure you smooth over a good quality serum for protection and shine.




Divide your locks

We are going to split your hair in half to start forming the shape of your pigtails. Grab a fishtail comb so that your hair line is straight. The key to making this style look good is to make your pigtails even so run your comb from the top of your nose vertically to the back of your head.





Drawn and quartered

So now we need to use a bit of estimation. Divide your right half horizontally into even quarters and secure the first quarter with a clear elastic hair tie.  Now add another hair tie in the second quarter. Make sure that your first ponytail directly above the second one.





Looping through

Part your first top ponytail in equal halves and pull your second ponytail up between the two halves of your top ponytail. Clip the second ponytail upwards. Now here is where we interlink first ponytail into the third ponytail (yes you will need to make your third ponytail). Before your secure it join the halves from your first ponytail into the third so it goes around the second. Now let down your second ponytail you pinned up, create a fourth ponytail and repeat with the second and fourth ponytails. Once you are finished with the right side repeat it on the left.




Bring on the glam

Gently tug on the sections to make your braid look bigger. Now we have the top looking fabulous tease the bottom part of your pigtails so that we make them more noticeable. You are all done! This may take you a little while and a mirror the first time but afterwards it will be super quick. To finish off don’t forget to spray your alcohol free hairspray.


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