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Get that look: the 60’s updo

The 60’s was an interesting time in British history and more importantly British fashion! We saw the emergence of Twiggy and The Adams Family but it wasn’t short locks and creepy long black hair. But it wasn’t always a decade of such extremes, when they hit the town it was all updos and sophistication. So as we look back in time (or at least it feels like that) as we approach the UK festival season. Can you believe it there only a few weeks left until We Are FSTVL kicks off our days of dancing, parting and summer loving. Let’s look at this 60’s classic to inspire us for the summer!


Define your sections

This style is not one you can do on the go but it is totally worth it. As we will be plumping and twisting so it is perfect for second day hair. If you have quite a bit of product left in from the day before wash that out though, too much serum and old spray can really mess with your plumping. Like any manicured style clearly defined boundaries and partings are key. We don’t want to make the top look too heavy, nor too thin, so listen closely.  Measure an inch above your ear and grab a fishtail comb to evenly part hair all the way around the back of your head.



Get your bottom sorted

Now we have divided it is time to conquer so secure your top section out of the way, we are going to focus on our bottom. This look is about high drama and high glamour so messy trestle just won’t do. Give your hair a good brush with a paddle brush and if your hair is on the curly side you might want to lightly straighten it. Now you need to add the drama, thin and limp hair does not create the look we want. So colour match your hair you and two rows of extensions in the owe part of your hair. Whether you straighten your locks or not a key component to this look is its shine to get yourself a good serum, healthy and shiny locks. Now to secure it in place. This is so easy to do twist it and lay it upwards against the back of your head. Secure with two or three hair pins.


All up top

Now we have the bottom sorted we get to sort the top. As this front bit it high and heavenly it will come as no surprise to most of you that backcombing its involved. Divide your hair into rows and back comb the lower third of your locks. The only row you don’t want to backcomb is the first thin row. Do not put serum in before you backcomb unless you want to look like you haven’t washed for a week. Once your hair is all backcombed smooth it back with a fine toothed comb and twist the ends. Now all you have to do is blend the top twist into the bottom one and secure it with hair pins.


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