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Get that look: the faux hawk

At premiers and awards we have seen different styles that help our favourite IT girls stay cool as the  weather heats up.  Space buns have been done for years so it is no surprise that we are starting to see wonderful and interesting styles. Most of us want a change for a night, not for a month. A full on mohawk is way too dramatic for most of us, but a fun and feminine mohawk is just what the style doctor ordered. This look is hard hitting for ready for you to party hard. Dress up or dress down this style is definitely on the must try list.



Cliphair Extensions


Sleek and high

To get this dramatic, high do you to make sure that your hair is silky and smooth. Even if you don’t have time to wash your hair make sure you use some dry shampoo and good quality serum. If you have medium or only semi long hair, it may not have as much of a bang as the picture above, if you are in love with cute little hawk buns, go au natural. If you prefer something a bit more dramatic use your trusty extensions for a bit of extra glam.


Cliphair Extensions


Time to divide

This style is not hard but it does depend on accuracy and sleekness. You will need to divide your hair horizontally into as many sections as you want buns. Is it easiest to divide your hair into five. The top section can be divided off just above your ear. Do the same with four more sections of hair, dividing them evenly and securing. If you think doing all your buns now and then correcting the style is the way to go you will most probably end up with a do that is uneven or has lumps and bumps. So check out your sections for even-ness now and add some gel to the end of your fishtail comb before smoothing the hair leading to your ponytails. If you like to make your buns look seemless then secure with a clear hair tie.

Katy Perry looked great sporting this looks recently and had made quite a few tight buns to make it look extra eye catching. This is really easy to do. Pull your hair half way through the hair tie and fold the other half inwards to conceal. If you want to make your buns more plump than mini give them a little tug so they are round and plump.


Cliphair Extensions



Decorate or just hold

The finale is totally up to you. If you are heading to a music festival then a flower garlands are a must. If music festivals are not really your scene then why don’t you try some glitter, much more rave, much less festival dreaming. If you are thinking about taking this look out for some high action them spritz your hair with some alcohol free hair spray before you leave the house and party until your heart is content.



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