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Effortless looking messy waves that are perfect for lazy days


We all have those days that we are not going out anywhere special and just want to work with the texture you have. Washing blowdrying and then styling your hair can be too much at times. These styles are to help you embrace your messy side and really rock them as a deliberate style. I have this great style that you will not worry about going out with friends. They look gorgeous in pictures and have an amazing texture. Keep reading these easy to create tutorials for effortless messy looks #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: prepare your hair

This part is very short, that is the point of the style. We want to embrace what you already have going on. This style is perfect is you have a second or third-day hair. If you are worried about excess oil then add some dry shampoo to your roots. You will be using heated tools and add some heat protecting spray, this will give you more texture than a serum and will not add to any excess oil you already have in your hair.

Step number 2: create your curls

Section a row of hair at the nape of your neck. Divide your hair into 1-inch sections then curl your hair towards your face, tugging the ends a little so it is not so structured. Let down the next layer of hair and, this time curl your hair away from your face. By alternating the direction of the curls it will make the waves look far more natural and give you extra body. Speaking of volume, there is a trick to making your extensions look great too.

Step number 3: Finish your style

Curl your Cliphair extensions separately so you have more control over what you want the final look to be like. You should brush your extension first and add a little serum as it doesn’t have the natural oils your own hair has. When you get to the area that will be framing your face you want to curl away from your face. If you curl towards it your face will be hidden and the curls will lie heavily and be annoying. Run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls and give it a messy look. If you are going out all day finish up by adding some texture spray and hairspray to your look.


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