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Do you know all about PH?

Do you know all about PH?
Authored By Katie O' Connor


Sounds like you are back in science class? You kind of are. I got flashbacks to my old science teacher telling me it would be helpful and me rolling my eyes. I would now have to go back to her and tell her she was right. The ph levels of your body, skin and scalp are super important to know your health and how to get the best look possible. So let me give you a bit of science flashback and tell you all about ph, what is healthy and why you should know all about it. #wearcliphair.


What is PH?

PH is a scale that measures how alkaline (basic) or acidic something is. It ranges on a scale from 0 all the way up to 14. 7 is the happy medium or neutral. What does 14 mean? The higher numbers of 7-14 are alkaline and 0-6 is acidic. The best way to test products you are using is to buy a simple ph strip, you will be able to tell if something is acidic or alkaline from this. Ideally, you want to be using hair products between the 4 and 6 marks.

How does this affect our hair?

We all know that our hair produces natural oils. These actually have a ph level of roughly 5 on the scale. If you use a lot of product or heated styling tools, this can throw off the balance of your hair and cause it to damage your locks.

Why you should balance you PH

This is super important if you have a temperamental scalp, particularly a dry scalp. Balancing your ph can really help deuce itching and flaking. If your hair has the right ph balance it also helps to retain moisture so your hair will not be as frizzy, dry and reduce horrible fly aways.

Some great ways to try and get your hair to that lovely 5 marks is using natural ingredients. Before you was your hair rinse your locks with some aloe vera juice. This is super kind to your locks and roughly has a ph of 5 if you have wavy lock/ unruly locks like me it is also great for detangling. Apply cider vinegar is also great for your scalp health, particularly if you have an itchy scalp. It is quite strong so make sure you only fill 1/3 of a cup with the vinegar and the other 2/3rds with water.

Try these things for a couple of weeks and your hair will start to feel so much healthier.


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