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Straighten your short hair with loads of volume

Straighten your short hair with loads of volume


So I usually do hairstyles that work best with longer hair but today is not one of those days. Straightening your hair sounds so simple and a lot of us have done it for ages but it is different with different lengths. Many of you have cut your hair over the summer so you may need to relook at the way you straighten your hair so you get that salon gorgeous finish from home.

It doesn’t take long and it is relatively easy so if you are a straightening beginner or you have recently cut your locks, you are in safe hands. Keep reading this tutorial and show off your style by #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: Preparation

To begin this look you will need damp hair. I would always say try this after you have washed your hair and it is almost dry naturally. Pop in your Cliphair extensions, you can easily trim these so they are the right length for you but you still get the extra volume these provide.

Add a little bit of coconut oil to your hands and rub that over the surface of your hair for extra shine and nourishment. Now it is time to heat protect with a serum, super important for your hair and extensions to make sure they are healthy. Brush your product through so your hair is tangle-free.

Step number 2: Turn up the heat

It is time to add some heat to your hair to get your hair dry and help add some oomph at the roots. I tend to do this with my hair flipped forwards and I spend more time on my roots than other areas of y hair. This will just help with giving you more volume as you dry and help your hair dry quicker.

A little tip for the front. Lift your hair up and the opposite direction from how you will be paring it to gain the most root height. When you are focusing on your crown get a round brush and set your hair dryer to cool as you work on this section. You will get extra lift without damaging your hair.


Step number 3: straightening time

It is best to straighten your hair in rows starting from the base of your neck and loosely clipping the rest of your hair out of the way. As you straighten your locks make sure that you don’t straighten all the way up to your roots. As you straighten try and swoop a little bend towards your neck, without burning yourself, this gives it a really nice shape. As you get to the top layers of your hair you want to create a small bend at the top of the section you are straightening before you swoop down.

This gives your hair extra lift. At the top make sure you create your side part before you straighten you layer, try to create the bend towards your face but the face-framing section away from your face slightly. This will great amazing flow to your hair. Hairspray to finish and you will look great.


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