Wow, I’m getting the chills! Writing about a huge celebrity such as Kim Kardashian isn’t easy at all. First of all, let’s talk about her iconic looks: where to start from? And then again, all her achievements, collaborations, news, and updates… Surely there’s too much for a writer to mention - especially if, like me, they’re not really keeping up with the Kardashians as they should. However, I’ve put together a collection of 10 Kim Kardashian hairstyles to inspire you and to celebrate the recent release of Beats Fit Pro - a set of workout-friendly earbuds designed by Dr. Dre and aesthetically studied to match the ideal colour palette of the Queen of Neutral Shades herself, Miss Kim Kardashian.

1. Baby Braids (back to index)

Baby braids are everywhere, and they do fall indeed in the category of Y2K hairstyles that have been breaking the internet lately. 41-years-old Kim Kardashian knows everything about these hairstyles since she was barely in her twenties when they came around the first time. What better way to celebrate the coming out of her KKW Beauty Camo Collection if not by rocking this iconic hairstyle?

2. Icy And Textured (back to index)

Kim is famous for a lot of things, and her looks are no exception. Most importantly, there’s one thing to know about her: she has a thing for platinum blond hair - and she keeps on going back to it! Whilst she’s originally a brunette, her features and complexion allow her to rock ice blonde tresses whenever she wants. Check out our blog about how to choose a new hair colour, then grab your platinum blonde hair extensions to get this gently tousled, naturally textured look.

3. Glass Hair (back to index)

I mean, do I even have to mention this? Well, yes, I have to, but that’s not the point! The point is, when you are Kim Kardashian - owner of an infamously long, gorgeously dark mane - and work with a stylist such as Chris Appleton, global creative director at ColorWow, you will be showing off a glossy, glassy look at some point. It’s a given. After all, ColorWow is the brand when it comes to trying the glass hair trend, as they have invented the glass hair serum itself. I have talked more in detail about this product and how to implement it in your hair care routine in our blog: What Is Glass Hair Trend And How To Achieve It?

4. Half-Up, Half-Down (back to index)

This is another youthful, playful yet elegant look that has been rising in popularity amongst celebrities and influencers alike. You can wear your half-up, half-down ponytail sleek and silky, or lively and curly, however, you prefer it. If you’re afraid you lack the right amount of volume and length to achieve this look, you can always apply a wrap-around clip-in ponytail hair extension. Just like Ariana Grande, picking real hair extensions when it comes to an updo like this one ensures a full, thick look for a glamorous, healthy finish.

5. Half-Up, Half-Down With Tendrils (back to index)

This is a remix of the half-up, half-down ponytail we’ve seen previously. On this vlog of Poosh x Samsung, Kim is the special guest on her sister Kourtney’s website to cook plant-based tacos. For the occasion, she wore her half-up, half-down ponytail sleek with left-out tendrils on her forehead, in true Y2K style.

6. Big Twist Braid (back to index)

Maybe the length here is a little too much for your average night out, but when it comes to going extra Kim is an absolute expert. This jumbo, twisted braid is the perfect example of how many things you can do with the right hair extensions. Our longest clip-in ponytail offers you 24 inches to braid, twist, curl, wrap up in a bun, and more. Shop yours now: click here to get your wrap-around clip-in ponytail.

7. Classy Bob (back to index)

If long hair is not exactly your go-to hairstyle, then you may want to try this classy, parted-in-the-middle sleek bob. Hair bobs are a thing, and it’s safe to say they’ve always been, somehow. But this year, they’ve been going stronger than ever. We have spoken about the loaded topknot bob to Glamour (you can read the article here) and we have also mentioned this look in our blog dedicated to Kim’s sister, Khloe Kardashian. Click here to read more about Khloe Kardashian hairstyles.

8. Textured Brunette (back to index)

Remember how I said that Kim keeps on going back to platinum blonde? Well, the other option is her naturally dark, gorgeous tresses. Kim loves everything neutral, natural-looking, calm, and relaxing. How to blame her? Her lifestyle is so lively and chaotic, and between working hard with her team and being a full-time mom, sometimes you really have to drop that Instagram reel to promote one of your businesses and you don’t have the time to call in one of your trusted stylists. In cases like this, going natural with your gently textured, long hair is the best you can do. If length is not exactly the strongest point of your tresses, you can always apply clip-in hair extensions. Made with only the finest, ethically sourced hairs, our human hair extensions are the best option for a natural-looking finish; hair so soft and gorgeous, it will look and feel just like your own.

hair extensions

9. Flipped-Out Mini Ponytail (back to index)

This is yet another Y2K-inspired hairstyle, and - although with a deep side-part - it’s been spotted on other celebrities too, including Kim’s own sister Kylie Jenner and model Bella Hadid. Bella in particular likes to keep it real and when it comes to early 00s hairstyles she is an absolute book of Knowledge. You can easily achieve this look with our Mini Wrap-Around Clip-In Ponytail.

10. Retro Blowout (back to index)

Whether you’re going for a big, bouncy blowout like Alicia Silverstone’s in the movie Clueless, or something more along the lines of 80s Cindy Crawford enjoying a cold can of Pepsi with her big hair game on, rest assured that Kim Kardashian did get the memo indeed, probably even before you thought about it. See, the thing is, when you belong to one of the most famous and influential families in the United States Of America, your duty is either to serve one of the ongoing trends or to set it first. Kim is a truly iconic blonde bombshell in this big retro blowout. If you’d like to know more about this hairstyle, have a read at our blog: How to Achieve a Bouncy Blowout at Home.

11. Conclusion: (back to index)

Kimmy! Thank you for all the absolutely iconic looks that you served throughout the years. May this post inspire a new generation of hair enthusiasts. Grab your remy hair extensions and start styling now!

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