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Buffy reunion

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On a Thursday morning there is no why to feel as old as hearing Buffy is having its 20 year anniversary. For those of you who were not lucky enough to watch it the first time round, get your hands on those DVDs and start watching! Joss Whedon, the show’s creator describes the reunion as “like a high school reunion but much worse because they all still look really great, and you were hoping that some of them would puff out a bit, so you’d be the cool one.” he is right they all look incredibly glamorous and to not have aged at all.


Sarah Michelle Gellar:

She is a long way from a 90’s cut and a rough ponytail. She is slaying in a different way these days. Not only is her gown amazing but she is rocking it with a fierce sense of confidence. In the show she sported and mid length, heavily layered do but in 2017  buffy definitely appears sassier and grown up with her gorgeous waves and centre parting. It is easy to stay looking so glamorous when you don’t have to chase demonds anymore! The cut looks amazing with Sarah’s oval shaped face.

Cliphair Extensions

Charisma carpenter

charisma by name and charisma by nature, it is hard to believe she has aged a day let alone has two kids. In the 90’s Charisma opted for a long blunt-cut style with extensions added to show off a beautiful thick mane. Whilst this was cute in her 20’s it would be a bit boring now. She has shaken things up with a few cool highlights over her crown are and sexy layered waves. For someone with such lovely olive skin this looks like she has just come back from a holiday and is looking sexy and glowing.


Cliphair Extensions

Alyson Hannigan

Alyson played Buffy’s shy best friend and was a book worm for most of the series, only really gaining power of her own in series six but you cannot accuse Alyson on standing in anyone’s shadow. She has gone on to have an incredible career in film and tv including How I Met Your Mother. She has kept her hair relatively short but for this photoshoot she has been a bit more adventurous and added a touch of ombre to her famously auburn hair. Like Sarah she has opted for a central parting perfect to show of her lovely eyebrows.

Cliphair Extensions

Michelle Trachtenberg

From sweet little sister in need of saving to malicious Georgina Sparks in Gossip Girl Michelle Trachtenberg sure has had an interesting career. She was quite neat and cute when she was introduced to us in Buffy but Michelle is anything but the wallflower! This lady has bags full of sass and style and has the most Hollywood style of all the stars on this shoot. Instead of going for low key waves like her co-stars Michelle is all about the old hollywood sparkle.  Nothing says celebrity style it girl more than a lady who can pull off a 40’s do with grace.

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