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Best Hair Styles With Balayage Hair Extensions

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The Balayage hair trend is getting more famous every day! 

Balayage hair landed on our hearts not too long ago and it seems like it is staying for good! Why shouldn’t it?! Balayage hair creates the dreamiest hair styles! We all love that Sun-kissed romantic highlights. If you were wondering how you can get balayage right now, especially while all the hairdressers are closed, do not worry. With our balayage hair extensions you can get the balayage look easily at home. And the beauty of balayage is, you are not limited to your hair colour. Just contact our hair experts for a free colour match and you can choose from the options.

We’ve listed the best balayage hair styling ideas for you! And you don’t even need to dye your hair for these amazing balayage looks! You can get creative with our balayage hair extensions.  

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Full head French Braids with Balayage Hair Extensions

Braids are great ways to show off your new balayage hair extensions. When you braid your hair with balayage hair extensions, you will get a different shade on each knot and you can see the gradual colour change. If you know how to make Dutch braid, you can start braiding your hair from closer to your roots and you can get a higher contrast and colour change all over.

If you keep your knots loose, your hair colour will blend even better and you will get the most natural looking glamorous style with your Dutch braids!

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Half Head French Braids with Balayage Hair Extensions

If there is anything more fun than a braid, it is just another style of braid. Braiding your hair with balayage hair extensions will definitely make a spectacle. Do you want your hair to blend more while you are showing your gorgeous colour to the world? Then why not try a half head braid!

You can simply braid half of your hair and leave the bottom part long. And with our discreet clip in hair extensions no one will notice that you are wearing hair extensions. They will just admire your hair.

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Princess Half Down Ponytail with Balayage Hair Extensions

Ponytails are always great and stylish! But half down ponytails have a special look with balayage hair extensions. When you lift half of the hair it creates a bigger contrast in colour as you change the levels. This will make your balayage hair even more glorious.

And usually when you do half up half down hair styles, the hair at the bottom appears weak and thin. But now that you have balayage extensions, your hair will look perfectly voluminous at all levels.  

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Messy Buns with Balayage Hair Extensions

Messy buns are another great way to show off your amazing sun-kissed colour. On your balayage contrast, the colour of your hair will change from your roots to tips. With a messy bun your hair contrast will be more distinct.

Messy buns are such life savers as they are suitable for every occasion. Coffee mornings with your friends, dates with your partner, weddings or Zoom calls. They are always a safe choice! 

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Using Hair Accessories

Hair clips, pins, bands, ribbons or any decorations… Hair accessories are always in style. You can wear your balayage hair extensions long and accessorise as you please. With just one simple touch, your hair will look million dollars!

The best part of balayage hair extensions is that you can get so creative! You can change your hair colour without a drop of a dye!
Why not try it for yourself? 

For more information why not speak to our team of experts. 

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