Are you washing your hair the right way? I bet you are not.


We have been washing our hair ourselves as long as we can remember. We repeat our lather, rinse and repeat without even thinking about it. We were shown how to wash our locks as a child but does the way our mum washes her hair work best for mine? I hadn’t even thought of this until recently. My mum’s hair isn’t the same as mine but I still wash my hair the same way. On a mission to rediscover what works best for all of you, I want to share my latest hair washing tips, including how to best wash your Cliphair extensions. I hope this is helpful and share your thoughts #wearcliphair.


Tip 1: consider your hair

Have a think about who taught you to wash your hair. Was it a parent, a sibling or a Youtuber? Have a think about their hair. Is it the same as yours? If you have straighter oilier locks then you will need to pay different attention to your scalp and roots than if you have dryer coarse curls. This sounds like it should be obvious but the way we washing our hair is a habit that is second nature to us.

So before you buy the same product you always have or using the same technique you always have, think about what your hair is like and what will bring out the best for you. If you have wavy/curly locks excessive scrubbing will cause breakage and paraben filled products will weaken thinner hair so keep an eye out for these rookie errors.

Tip number 2: look at your lifestyle

What you eat, how much exercise you do and how much sleep you get are all things that affect your hair. Think of your locks as a diary or your life. This is true for your Cliphair extension too. Even though they are not attached at the roots. If you want to change how your hair is behaving, look at your nutrition. What does all of this have to do with washing your hair? Quite a lot actually. If you are exercising and therefore sweating more you may need to wash your hair more than twice a week but if you are primarily plant-based (leading to less greasy locks) and take long walks and yoga as opposed to runs, you might get away with twice or even once a week.

Tip number 3: where do you put your conditioner

If you are wanting soft, nourished hair conditioner is going to be your go-to. A lot of people make the mistake of adding conditioner to their roots. This flattens your hair and actually makes it look more lifeless and greasy. Stick to the lower half of your hair. The natural oils from your scalp should cover the top half went you brush your locks. The exception to this rule is your extensions. Whilst going right to the top isn’t great you can go much closer than your own hair as there are no natural oils on your extensions’ roots.


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