These days you can find hair styling tools in every shape and size to create all different looks on your hair but what if there was one tool that could do it all? Hair straighteners are not just limited to making the hair straight and smooth they can be used to add curls, waves, flicks, curves and even crimp your hair. In today’s blog, Cliphair are going to show you all the different ways to curl your hair with a straightener which applies to hair extensions too! Learn these simple techniques, while learning to look after your hair and you can save yourself from buying unnecessary gadgets and even save space in your travel bag.

1. What are Hair Straighteners? (back to index)

Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners have been around since 1909 when they were first invented by Isaac K however, they were very different to the versions we know today. The first form of straightener still consisted of 2 flat iron plates that were heated up then compressed together over the hair, but they took a long time to heat up and were a lot larger in size. Nowadays our straighteners are thinner, temperature controlled and better for the hair.

2. How to curl hair with a straightener? (back to index)

Rather than dragging the straightener downwards towards the ends of the hair as you would to straighten, when curling you simply twist the irons as you drag to create a curve in the hair. Depending on how tight you want the curls will determine where you begin to twist the irons.

  1. For very tight, curly curls you can start the twisting process from the root of the hair. This will create a curl from the root all the way to the ends. This style is less popular but is often used to prepare the hair for pin curls or hair ups that require a lot of hold or movement.
  2. For looser curls that mainly sit on the ends of the hair you can start to twist as you reach the mid-lengths and ends. This will smooth the hair from the roots downwards and leave the curls just at the bottoms. For a more beachy, natural finish twist each section in a different direction.

curling hair with a straightener

Remember, before applying any heated tools to your hair or hair extensions you should use a Heat Protection Spray to prevent the hair from breaking or becoming dry. Protection sprays add a layer of protection on the hair shaft that stops the heat penetrating too far into the cuticle which can cause damage. Below you can see a video demonstration of how to curl the hair with hair straighteners. 

3. How to crimp hair with a straightener? (back to index)

Instead of forking out money on a crimper that you may only use once there is a cheat way to do it with hair straighteners!

crimp hair

  1. Add 10-15 braids to your hair in the normal style, not French or Dutch as they need to be loose from the scalp for this to work.
  2. Once you have all your mini braids, gently press them with the hair straightener starting from the top moving to the bottom. Spraying each braid with hairspray after it has been heated.
  3. Let them cool for 10 minutes then unravel your braids.

Heating the hair whilst in braids sets it into shape and allowing them to cool strengthens the hold. You can apply this process to larger braids for that overnight wave look when you don’t have the time to leave them in. 

4. How to wave hair with straightener? (back to index)

wave hair

Laid back waves are extremely popular, especially amongst hair extension wearers. Not only does wavy hair suit any occasion, casual or formal, its really easy to achieve. If using Clip-In Hair Extensions we advise applying them before styling as this helps to blend the extensions together with your own hair.

  1. Spray your hair and hair extensions with Heat Protection Spray.
  2. Take larger sections and twist the hair from the mid-lengths to just above the ends into different directions with your hair straighteners.
  3. Allow the hair to cool for 10 minutes and spray with some medium hold hairspray.
  4. With a wide toothed comb gently brush the hair to release the curls slightly to give that loose, laid back wave.

5. How to do flicky hair with straighteners? (back to index)

The 90s influence is huge in 2022, were seeing flicks added to many hairstyles including ponytails, bunches and half ups. Add “flicks” to your hair by simply flicking the straighteners upwards when you come to the ends of the hair.

Intrigued by this aesthetic? Then check out our dedicated blogs to find out more 90s hairstyles on the rise, such as the spiky bun, claw clip hairstyles, and the fluffy 90s blowout.

For an even more retro look heading further back to the 70s “Flick”, aim the straighteners outwards away from the face when framing the front. This will fan the hair around your face towards the outside giving you major “Farah Fawcett” vibes. This look works best with layered hair.

flicky hair

6. How to curve hair under with straighteners? (back to index)

curve hair

Curving the hair under with Hair straighteners can add an illusion on thickness to fine hair. It’s a trick that has been used by hair stylists for decades to add volume and shape to thinning hair.

Simply curve the straighteners inwards when you come to the mid-length to ends of the hair and this will give you the curved shape. To add even more hold to this style you can add Velcro rollers and leave in for 10 minutes. When you remove the rollers make sure to encourage the hair back into the curve shape rather than curl.

Want to know more about how to curl your hair at home? Find out all the secrets to the perfectly bouncy hairstyle with our dedicated blog Curls For Days: The Ultimate Velcro Rollers Guide.

7. What are the best straighteners for curling hair? (back to index)

With so many brands selling there own straighteners its hard to know which ones are the best, below we have listed our personal favourites here at Cliphair.


GHD straightener

GHD are the mothership of hair straighteners, even though they are on the pricier end of the market their straighteners really do last a lifetime. Personally, I have owned my pair of GHDs for 17 years now and they are still going strong! There are newer models that also feature technology that causes less heat damage whilst creating the same super smooth finish. The straighteners pictured above are the new GHD Gold Hair Straightener.


Babyliss straightener

BaByliss provide fantastic hair styling tools at affordable prices. We have found the finish after using them is the same as any other higher priced brands however they may not last quite as long. Even so, we really love these straighteners from BaByliss and for the quality the price is a bargain! The straighteners pictured above are the BaByliss 3Q Straighteners.

8. Conclusion (back to index)

Some of these methods may take a little practice however the results are totally worth it. Cliphair's top tips to remember are:

  1. Use Heat Protection Spray before using heated tools.
  2. If using remy hair extensions, make sure they are applied before you start styling for the most natural look.
  3. Let the hair cool down before brushing or pulling out to ensure the shape holds.


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