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Get that look: Big voluminous curls

It is the time of year when we can actually hit the beaches, here and abroad so looking beach babe fantastic is essential! Whilst sleek extra long straight hair has been the major trend this year, big voluptuous hair is the way to wow when you are the near the sea. We have been going with the 90’s as hair inspiration all year and this year is no different so the bigger the better. Lets have a look how to give your hair the extra oomph as glamour it deserves. Your friends will be loving your holiday insta pics and Facebook pics now.




Prepare to be fabulous

This look needs to start with clean hair and extensions. We want to get the most oomph out of our roots so they can not be heavy with second day hair oil. Be sure to use a hair mask near the ends, we will be curling and near the beach’s salty water so extra protection is a must.




Aint nothing without those extensions

That’s right guys it, it is time to grab out your hair best friend. If you are worried that your extensions are straight, don’t be. It is actually a good thing. If they are good quality real hair extensions then you can maintain them easily and by curling them at the same time as your natural hair it makes sure that your curls are the same shape and buoyancy so start with the bottom and add your rows of extensions.







All about that base

Speaking of starting from the base of your head that’s where you need to start with your styling. From the nape of your neck, horizontally create a row (from ear to ear) and tie the remaining hair out of the way. From this take one-inch sections and wrap them around your curler, curling your hair away from your face. The bigger the barrel/ the further back on the barbell you use the larger the curls will be so choose which will suit you best. This is a bit time consuming but you will look fabulous. Once your first row is done repeat making rows and curling hair until you don’t have any straight hair left.





Getting into formation

Now you have created the skeleton of your style it is time to work each curl and turn it from a messy housewife worthy look into a Beyonce beautiful mane. Let’s work our curls individually. Take a curl, holding it at the end and twist it away from your face. Squeeze the end of your curl and tease the hair by gently pushing the hair upwards towards the root. Spray each curl with alcohol free hairspray. continue to twist and tease your curls and that they have enough bounce and sit where you want them to. To make them seem like they are naturally that glam flip your head upside down and shake your hair to separate the curls.  Don’t forget to scrunch in loads of hair mouse and rock it on the beaches.


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