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3 Easy Hairstyles for Medium-length hair 2017


Modern Marilyn



If you have ice blonde locks and you are about to go to a fancy party, this is something that is a must try. This look is best with clean, towel dried hair. We are going to be turning up the heat so putting in some heat protecting serum is a must. We don’t want to straighten out your hair too much so don’t use a brush on your hair, finger comb it instead. Marilyn was known for her voluptuous face-framing hair so create a deep parting and add your hair extensions. You want to create loose waves you ideally want to use a 1 ½ inch curler. Start with the side with less hair and curl it behind your ear. Focus on the mid-section and ends of your hair as this is going to give your hair the most body. Spray some hairspray on your fingers and gently run them through your mane. You might need to add a bit more hairspray and then you are finished.


Braided top bun



If you want a more casual day look but still look hot this style may be more your style. If you have naturally thinner hair this is going to be brilliant for you. Start by gently backcombing your roots so you have more oomph to your roots. Now divide your hair into rows, add your cliphair extensions and lightly curl your locks. Repeat this all over your head. Grab your fishtail comb and separate the mid-section of hair from your hairline to your crown. The middle section is what is going to be your piece de resistance. You are going to make it into a dutch braid until your crown and secure with a clear hair tie. Pinch the sections of your braid to give them more thickness. The ends left out can just be twisted and tucked into the hair tie to create a top bun. As we don’t want this look to be too solid so I scrunch in mousse into my hair rather than use hairspray.


The easy side updo



This is brilliant if you have second day or frizzy hair. As it is quite cold your hair might frizz more than normal so add a little serum to your locks before creating a side part. Take a two-inch section on the deeper side of your part and divide it into three equal sections. You want to fold the part closest to your hairline over to the middle and then the other side over that to start your French braid. Try to keep the braid in line with your hairline as you add strands and head towards your ear. When you get to your ear don’t add any more hair just braid to the end of your hair length and tie it to keep it out of the way then pinch the sections to make them picture worthy. Tie the rest of your hair into a mid-ponytail. You ultimately want a lovely bun. To achieve this I use a donut to pin my hair around. Drape your braid over your bun, pinning it in place and hair-spraying your look so it doesn’t budge.



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