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12 Hairstyles of Christmas

12 Hairstyles of Christmas

If you have yet to decide upon a suitably fabulous hairdo for Christmas Day, Boxing Day or an upcoming NYE party, let us help you out with a little festive inspiration. A truly great Christmas ‘do is one that turns heads, but doesn’t take hours to achieve – because who wants to be stuck fiddling with hair grips in the bathroom for two hours, when they could be out partying?
These are our 12 hairstyles of Christmas, and they are perfect for teaming with a gorgeous outfit at this most festive time of year.

1. The Fishtail Braid

The fishtail is popular with celebrities of all kinds and all ages, because it is a style that is glamorous without being overly soft. In other words, it has a bit of punk rock edge to it. Plus, it is a great choice for daring girls with very long tresses – just like Selena Gomez.

2.The Close Crop

If a bob just isn’t daring enough for you, why not start 2015 with a whole new look? The cropped ‘do has been massive this year, mostly thanks to Jennifer Lawrence and her uncanny ability to pull of absolutely anything and everything. Whilst going for the chop is an extremely bold move, it can be a good way to usher in a brand new year.

3. The Gentle Quiff

The word quiff conjures up all kinds of images, especially for girls who have never experimented with this style before. The trick is to remember that it does not have to be a ‘do that takes over your whole look – you can style your locks into a gentle quiff, like the one sported by Nicole Richie. If teamed with a glamorous updo, just a little bit of height in the front can make a big statement.


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4. The Modern Beehive

This year, French actress and Batman star Marion Cotillard sported a killer beehive updo on the red carpet. It was a much more modern imitation of the classic sixties style, however, so it looked fresh and contemporary. She finished off the look with a beautiful beaded headband, and so should you if this elegant ‘do is your choice for a festive party or get together.

5. The Half Up, Half Down ‘Do

This loose and relaxed half up, half down style is ideal for parties and nights out on the town, because it is easy to achieve and you do not have to worry about flyaway ends. In fact, the messier the better with this one. In order to steal this look, simply tie one half of your hair into a loose ballet bun or chignon, and then either fishtail braid a portion of the second half, or simply let it fall into gentle curls.

6. The Smoking Hot Siren

If there is anybody who knows about sexy, it is Kim Kardashian. This is one woman who never leaves the house looking anything but flawless, and her gorgeous tousled locks are a great inspiration for Christmas glamour. For a bombshell look, simply pick up an 18 or 20 inch clip in extension piece in a warm shade of chestnut or darkest brown, and leave locks tied in a loose braid overnight.


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7. The Elegant Updo

There are a hundred and one different ways to nab yourself a beautiful updo, but we simply adore this gentle and elegant style sported by screen star Keira Knightley. It has a whiff of the 1920s about it, so would look truly fabulous teamed with a flapper style dress, or even just a beaded gown, some faux pearls and a pretty brooch. For added flair, you could braid the back of your locks and wind the braid across your crown.

8. The Flapper Girl

Whilst we are on the subject of 1920s style hairdos, check out this beauty worn by Katy Perry. It is ideal for girls with shorter hair, because it adds lots of volume and body. If you are currently sporting a long bob (or a ‘lob’ as it has become affectionately known), use curling tongs or rollers to fashion your tresses into large and loose waves.

9. The Punk Rock Lob

It is often the case that girls with shorter hair get less attention when it comes to the more ornate and all out glamorous styles – or at least that was the case before 2014 came along. This year, celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift have been doing wonders for gals with crops and bobs. If you want to fashion an uninspiring bob into something a little bouncier, take a lead from Swift and style your hair into loose and bouncy curls.


you can view these images here

10. The Messy Bedhead

This hairdo is a really easy one to achieve, because all that you need to do to look as good as Vanessa Hudgens is to tie your hair up into either a ballet bun or a French braid, before you go to sleep. If you spend the night with your hair secured like this, in the morning you’ll end up with beautifully tousled and artfully ‘messy’ locks.

11. The Romantic Curl

This is another hairdo that is perfect for lazy girls, who do not like having to spend a long time styling in the bathroom before heading out to a party. It is a look that requires the minimum amount of effort, just a couple of loose hair ties and a quick blast of hair spray. Plus, you can cheat your way to flawlessness by tying your hair back in a bun or braid, before you go to bed. In the morning, run a wide toothed comb through your hair and give it another light spritz of hairspray.

12. The Side Braid

This is a fun hairstyle which is great for special occasions. It starts with a French braided fishtail, on the far side of the head, but either side will work. Once the braid reaches the side of your neck, you can either stick with the fishtail, or switch to alternative braiding for a romantic and elegant look. You should not worry if the braid is not perfectly neat, because wispy locks lend this hairdo a little extra flair.


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