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3 Simple and Stunning Updos for Christmas

3 Simple and Stunning Updos for Christmas
Authored By Codelia Mantsebo

If you have yet to decide upon a suitably fabulous hairdo for Christmas Day, Boxing Day or an upcoming NYE party, why not opt for a classic and gorgeous updo that will stay out of your way so you can enjoy the festivities all day and all night. 

A truly great Christmas updo is one that turns heads, but doesn’t take hours to achieve – because who wants to be stuck fiddling with hair grips in the bathroom for two hours, when they could be opening presents and eating?

This year, it’s all about making a statement and going big with retro, vintage inspired styles, from the French twist, to the striking, elegant side chignon. We’re going to give you some tips on how to create some stunning Christmas updo styles so that you can sparkle brightly on Christmas Day this year.

The French Twist

The French twist is easiest to wear in quite long tresses. If you have clip in hair extensions or are thinking about treating yourself to some as an early Crimbo gift, this is the right time to get them out. You’ll need a thin comb, some hairpins, strong hairspray, and a volumising spray.

Start by generously covering the hair with a volumiser treatment. Then, use the comb to part the hair across the back of the head, from one ear to the other. Draw the top (crown) section together neatly, hold and twist it round in your hands. Secure it with hairpins.

Now, draw the bottom section together and twist that as well. Make sure that you only twist once, in an upwards direction. You should be left with a column of hair, in which ends are pointing towards the ceiling. Keep hold of it and carefully tuck it underneath itself, following in the direction of the curve.

Secure it with hair pins and spray liberally with strong hold hairspray.

The Side Chignon

If you’re really not big on the idea of wearing your hair extensions loose and down this Christmas, you could opt for a sophisticated side chignon. All you need is a comb, a few hairpins, some hair spray, and a wide-based brush.

First, create a side parting with your thin toothed comb. Brush the rest of the hair into a low ponytail (on the same side as the part). Tie it off with an elastic band. Now, twist it into a kind of sprung coil, until it begins to twist in on itself and curl up. Gently secure your chignon with hairpins and arrange it so that you can’t see the elastic band.


The hair wreath

We’ve all heard of wreaths to go on your front door, but hair wreaths are what it is all about for style. To create this look, start with creating a right-side deep side parting and take an inch of hair about your right ear and divide it into two. Twist each half towards each other before draping the part closest to your hairline around the other part. They should have switched positions now. Add more hair from hairline heading around the front towards your other ear.


Once you get to the nape of your neck behind your left ear make sure the hair near your crown is smooth before continuing along your neckline. When you get back to your right temple finish your twist braid to the end of your hair strands, secure it with a hair tie and line it up behind where your braid began. Tuck the end of your braid underneath the braid close to where stared so it isn’t visible. Add hairpins so it doesn’t move now it is time to add your cranberry clips and accessories sporadically around your wreath. Some people get actual leaves and stick hairpins through them, but you can get some at the shops this time of year as well.

Which Christmas updo style will you be donning on these special days? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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