While many A-Listers are opting for stylish, structured chops, others are stepping out on to the red carpet with ultra-long hair. Flowing, mermaid-like locks aren’t exactly anything new, but the trend took centre stage this year when actresses and Euphoria co-stars Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney graced the spring/summer 2024 fashion shows at Paris Fashion Week. In the world of high fashion, front-row sightings of stars wield as much influence in setting trends as the designers' collections themselves.

Typically, ultra-long hair is styled with easy, relaxed waves and a blend of subtle, multi-tonal colours. Long hair of this calibre perfectly embodies the 'quiet luxury' lifestyle, giving off an effortlessly cool vibe, as opposed to short, structured cuts which can come off as more high maintenance. If you’re looking to add dramatic length to your tresses with hair extensions this summer, then our 24 and 26 inch extensions are definitely for you. Here’s the top 10 dramatic long hair looks of past and present that you can take some inspo from!


Cher, the goddess of pop, has sported numerous iconic hairstyles, but her sleek, waist-length black hair remains one of the most memorable. This glossy, straight look has become synonymous with Cher's bold and timeless style and was a leading force in her outfit reveals on the Sonny and Cher Show in the 70s. Her hair exudes sophistication and perfectly complements her stunning stage outfits, making it an evergreen favourite. Before you choose your own dramatic length, have a browse of our Ultimate Hair Extensions Length Guide and Styling Long Hair Extensions: Cliphair's Tips and Tricks blog to ensure your extensions look as flattering, stylish and as natural-looking as possible.

Naomi Campbell

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is a true hair chameleon, but her long, centre-parted silky mane is a showstopper. This style frames her face perfectly, highlighting her striking features. Whether strutting down the runway or attending high-profile events, Naomi's long hair extensions are always impeccably sleek and shiny, epitomising supermodel chic.  


Queen B’s Cowboy Carter era is still in full fledge, and her ice blonde Rapunzel, floor-length hair is one of the defining looks of the moment. Now the CEO of haircare line Cécred, the superstar is proving to push the envelope when it comes to trying out daring new long hairstyles.  

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian family have rocked various hairstyles over the years, but her longer tresses remain a fan favourite. This polished half up half down hairstyle is all about a laidback vibe and unmatched shine, boasting cascading, waist-length tousled waves for a chic, modern vibe. If you desire red-carpet curls like Kim K, our Curly Clip Ins are ideal for tighter, deeper wave styles, blending seamlessly with your natural tresses. 

Ariana Grande

You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it! Ariana Grande's signature high ponytail is not just a hairstyle; it's a cultural phenomenon. This ultra-high, sleek ponytail with has become Ariana's trademark since she first burst into the industry more than a decade ago. It adds height, drama, and a playful vibe to her look, making it a favourite among her fans and a go-to style for anyone looking to channel their inner pop princess. To emulate this instantly recognisable hairstyle, our Wrap Around Ponytail is a no brainer, and remains the crowning glory of our 24 inch hair extensions.

Sydney Sweeney

Actress Sydney Sweeney has soared to new heights recently, with her fame skyrocketing over the past two years. Experimenting with many different hairstyles, including her gothic alias at this year’s MET Gala, Sydney also tried out a new dramatic hair look at Miu Miu’s Paris Fashion Week show earlier this year. Long, Barbie Blonde mermaid waves were paired with the ultimate Parisien chic in a structured, all-black tailored Miu Miu tweed set. Pick your perfect match from our extensive range of long blonde clip in hair extensions so you can recreate this iconic spring look! 


The queen of hair transformations, Zendaya has up until recently been living her best bob life, boasting luscious, bombshell shoulder-length hair, but has since been experimenting with different lengths since her Dune: Part II and Challengers press tours, from whipped up curly inches to 90s style dead-straight tresses. When it comes to styling long hair, layers are everything. If you want to try out super long locks, make sure your hairstylist tapers the ends according to the narrowest part of your waist to accentuate that hourglass look. If you’re running out of ideas for styling longer locks, our blog 18 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair is certain to give your hair aesthetic a much-needed glow up! 


Shakira’s flowing auburn locks are the stuff of hair dreams. Her long, fiery mane exudes a natural, effortless beauty, and is synonymous with her iconic performances over the years, from the World Cup to the Superbowl. Shakira’s waves often look like they’ve been kissed by the sun, adding a radiant glow to her overall appearance and making it one of her most legendary looks. To achieve Shakira’s otherworldly volume, our Ultra Volume Clip In Extensions are the perfect solution, best suited to add dramatic length and an extra ‘oomph’ to average and thicker hair types.

Doja Cat

Making a statement on hair itself, Doja looks breathtaking in this shockingly long hairstyle. The ‘Say So’ singer has embraced an entire rainbow of hair colours throughout her career and isn’t afraid to be a little daring when it comes to length. From cotton candy pink curls to Ice Blonde layers, Doja always looks flawless, whether it’s a TV interview or on stage at Coachella with an army of hair-clad dancers, she knows exactly how to get a reaction out of her fans and critics alike.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall has also taken a new approach with her locks, wearing uncharacteristically long hair that cascades well past her waist in messy, tight waves. The more imperfect and effortless they look, the better! Our 26 inch hair extensions are our longest attachments, and come in a variety of gorgeous, glossy colours and extension types. Whatever your natural hair styling: wavy, sleek and straight or just messy, our longest ever 26-inch hair extensions come in both temporary and permanent options for you to indulge in.

Madelyn Cline

Breakout TV star Madelyn Cline is making waves in her new hit surfer series Outerbanks and is also doing the same with her hair. For this look, Madelyn definitely got the fairytale hair memo. Sporting a lengthy new look, she looks nothing short of a Disney princess with this Sleeping Beauty-worthy look.


From Cher's timeless waist-length hair to Kim Kardashians raven waves, these iconic long hairstyles have become part of the celebrities' signature looks, inspiring countless fans around the world. Each of these stunning styles showcases the versatility and beauty of long hair, proving that whether sleek and straight or voluminous and curly, long hair never goes out of style. So, the next time you're looking for some hair inspiration, channel your inner diva with one of these fabulous long hairstyles!

For more celeb hair inspiration, you can browse our blog on the Top 5 Celebs Venturing into Haircare. For those who want to serve tennis-core inspired hairstyles this summer, take a look at the latest figures and celebs that have succumbed to the Tenniscore obsession.  

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