Are you looking for a modern and trendy hair transformation with your hair extensions? Layered hairstyles are a super-cute way to enhance your look and bring more bounce and movement to your mane, and boosting the look with Remy hair extensions is a great way to create dimension in your look in a quick and easy way. Whether you’re doing it with clip in hair extensions or with professional hair extensions layered to perfection by your trusted hair stylist, these ten simple hairstyles will provide you with all the glitz and glamour of a layered look, allowing you to change your style whenever you feel like it to bring more variety into your hairstyles. Ready to find the perfect look for every occasion? Then look no further than these layered haircut ideas to boost your confidence!

Beachy Waves

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Add hair extensions to your look and grab your waver to get that mermaid feeling going. Beach waves, also known as mermaid waves, are a great way to enhance your layered haircut with texture and glamour. As seen on celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, and Chrissy Teigen, this look never fails to amaze. I know what you might be thinking, and yes – it is a summer hairstyle after all! – but it can stun all year round, with its gently tousled finish and its infinite appeal.

Front Layered Haircuts For Long Hair: Volume & Glamour

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Get that stunning red carpet finish with the help of Ultra Volume hair extensions – the glamorous product that can boost your volume, thickness, and bounce in minutes. Coming in 8 clip in hair extensions pieces, this type of hair has three wefts in one, for the ultimate glamour and dimension. When applied to a layered haircut, Ultra volume clip ins can be styled to get the big, bouncy curls that you have seen on so many celebrities from the past: Madchen Amick, Denise Richards, and Cindy Crawford are a good example of how layers can be incorporated into longer hair and used to create that super-popular big hair game that is now back on trend.

Textured Layers for Effortless Chic

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Add some tousle and texture to layered hair with the help of human hair extensions and a texturising spray for a natural yet fashionable bed-head finish. The look has been adopted by A-listers such as Aubrey Plaza, Nicole Kidman, and Kourtney Kardashian-Baker – and now you can make it yours by gently teasing your hair and hair extensions, and using the right products. If you are wearing professional hair such as Nano ring hair extensions or Tape in hair extensions, be mindful and don’t pull nor tug close to the ends to avoid damaging the beads and tabs of your added tresses! Add a spritz of sea-salt spray or other texturising products of your choice to get that rockstar finish. Effortless, and chic!

Sleek and Straight Perfection

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For a polished and sleek appearance, why not stealing Adriana Lima’s look? With a layered hairstyle and adding a product such as Seamless hair extensions you can get all the glitz and glamour of a perfectly-styled Y2K sleek blowout without compromises. Seamless hair extensions, being double-drawn, guarantee you a fuller finish with blunt and glamorous ends that bring together that poker-straight hairstyle with class and elegance. Make use of Cliphair’s Moisturising Spray for hair to get that silky, shiny, and moisture-retaining look for a sleek hairdo that will last all day and all night long without frizz, dryness, and frazzled ends!

Long and Luscious Layers

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Wanna go a little extra? If the layers in your hair are already catering to a longer mane, why not add a few extra inches for drama? A cascade of long, luscious tresses never fails to impress, and you can make it yours by adding 26” hair extensions to your long hair for more pizazz. Allure your audience with an enviable look that will make you feel like a true A-lister, as seen on celebs like Kim Kardashian, Doja Cat, and many others. Long hair is always in, and you can have so much fun by adding braided accents, curling it, or spraying some texture here and there with a specific product.

Messy Bun Magic

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Using layered hair extensions doesn’t always mean that you have to keep your hair down at all times! In fact, adding the right amount of layers can pay you back even when you tie your hair up in a messy bun. The added layers can provide you with just the right canvas for a spiky, voluminous bun that will make you look oh, so chic with its effortless appearance. Leave out a few tendrils and style them as you wish (straight or gently curled!) for a more romantic finish. 

Undone Braid

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Take a twist on the classic plait, a fishtail braid, or a tight Dutch plait with the unique appearance of strategically placed layers. These hairstyles will always appear slightly undone (unless you use some braid milk/hair gel to keep it together), giving you a boho-chic appearance. Layered haircuts work wonders when tied up in a protective hairstyle such as the ones mentioned above, especially for those who are not looking to have a polished and put-together look at all times. Using human hair extensions can help you achieve more thickness and length to supercharge your braids!

Bangs Haircut with Layers: Side-Swept Elegance

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Change your parting and go for a side-swept look with your layered hair and hair extensions for a simple, effortless, and yet incredibly powerful change. After gen Z decreed that side-parts were out, a wave of millennials has tried to bring it back, and it’s now being adopted by many different celebrities. A side-part is usually seen on hairstyles such as Hollywood Waves and other elegant choices, and if you have bangs you can always add some je-ne-sais-quoi by sweeping it to the side. If you don’t have natural bangs but would like to try this look without committing to a big chop, then why not try a clip in fringe instead?

Lob with a Twist

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Who said that layered haircuts need to be long? In fact, you can spice up a lob with added layers and hair extensions to style it in a way that better works with your look. And if you’re not a fan of long-term makeovers, then you can always use clip in hair extensions to switch things up whenever you feel like it, in just a few minutes, in the comfort of your own home. Options as short as 12” hair extensions come into play to help you add some volume and thickness to a shorter haircut, dressing your hair up for any occasion. Experiment with your look and get those layers go with your Remy hair extensions

Highlighted Layers

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What if your layered haircut needs some more volume and dimension? Adding highlights or a deliciously crafted balayage to your layered hair can be a clever solution to create more movement in your hair without changing its shape. Adding balayage hair extensions is the ultimate power move to avoid any bleach damage and cater to your needs. If you’re feeling like going for a sun-kissed look, then ask your hairstylist to create a money piece on your face-framing layers to illuminate your features.

Why Choose Human Hair Extensions?

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Human hair extensions are the perfect tool to add glamour to natural hair when it lacks the necessary volume and thickness. On top of that, those that are a fan of front layered haircuts for long hair and other styles of the sort can resort to Remy hair extensions to add that type of movement and density to their tresses when natural hair doesn’t quite cut it.

How To Cut Layered Haircut 101

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There is no one-size-fits-all guide when it comes to layers, and an expert hair stylist will always know what to do once they are done fitting your permanent hair extensions to achieve a seamless blend and bless your mane with a natural, layered, and bouncy finish. However, when it comes to clip in hair extensions, you may want to look up some tutorials to find the perfect way to layer them and cater to your needs. I have written a specific blog about this topic, and you can check it out here: How To Layer Hair Extensions.

Alternatively, there are some simple haircuts that you could try and experiment at home with, and the talented Brad Mondo has kindly created a video that is fool-proof and can help you achieve a stunning butterfly haircut in your own bathroom. If you’re feeling brave, before you get to your scissors, make sure you ready all about in this post: 5 Reasons You Should Get A Butterfly Haircut.


Layers can be fun and create dimension and movement in your hair with little to no effort. Using human hair extensions to add more glam to your final look is a clever way to play around with your image and boost your confidence with style. Come and explore our collection of clip in hair extensions, or show our range of professional hair extensions to your trusted hair stylist to achieve the hair transformation of a lifetime!

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