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Remy Hair Extensions

Achieve beautiful hair, the type of hair seen on celebrities treading the red carpet, by using Remy hair extensions, which are made from real human hair to give you a silky quality that looks soft and beautiful.

Remy Hair Extensions are considered to be the finest hair quality available in the market. This is because the hair cuticles (made of different patches, narrowly interlocked with each other) are kept intact and not stripped. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

Alter the Way You Look: Remy Hair Extensions May be Cut, Coloured and Curled

Change your appearance without waiting for your hair to grow or simply add volume to your own hair by adding Remy hair extensions. These extensions are comfortable to wear as well as enabling you to alter the way you look. They are made from human hair so Remy hair extensions may be cut, coloured, straightened, curled or crimped so you can style them just like you would your own hair.

Remy Hair Extensions From Cliphair: Why Your Hair Looks and Feels Good With Them

Types of Remy Hair Extensions

Virgin Remy hair: The rarest hair available; completely unprocessed, cuticles are kept intact (keeping the roots in the same direction). They are not bleached and hence have the highest tendency to take any colour.

Remy processed hair: Remy hair that has been processed in the factory and already coloured or chemically treated but the cuticles are kept intact and are tangle free. Further dyeing is not advisable.

Non-Remy Hair: Non-Remy hair is processed hair but the cuticles are not aligned, so it is less natural in appearance.

Cliphair proudly sells the finest quality of processed Remy (sometimes spelt as Remi) hair. This hair is collected from ‘Root-to-tip’ meaning the hair is taken from the donor’s head in its natural position and kept that way. This keeps hair cuticles facing in the same direction precisely like our own natural hair. Our Remy hair extensions are completely hand-processed to keep the cuticles aligned therefore preserving the hair’s shine, softness and making it tangle free for a longer life.

Healthy looking hair achieved with Remy hair extensions makes you feel confident and attractive, whilst the high grade of the human hair used and the technology applied to the hair extensions means the longevity of the extensions is much better than inferior hair extensions. Fortified during finishing each cuticle has been smoothed in one direction, to give you the best, natural looking, clip in hair extensions available. Remy hair eliminates the chances of hair dryness and brittle hair which tangles constantly or matts. The hair extensions have the weft sewn so this eliminates shedding and prolongs the life of Remy hair extensions. This process means that the hair extensions stay in good condition even when it gets wet, letting you relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that your hair looks great!

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