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Radiate in Red: Which Red Hair Shade is Meant for You?


Question 1 of 8

What is the undertone of your skin?

A. Cool or Pale

B. Warm or Olive

C. Neutral or Medium

D. Dark


Question 2 of 8

What is your natural eye color?

A. Brown

B. Green

C. Blue

D. Hazel


Question 3 of 8

How would you describe your style?

A. Classic and timeless

B. Bold and expressive

C. Casual and relaxed

D. Trendy and modern


Question 4 of 8

How often are you willing to refresh your hair colour?

A. Rarely, I prefer low maintenance

B. As often as needed, I love vibrant colors

C. Occasionally, when it noticeably fades

D. Only when I visit the salon


Question 5 of 8

How do you usually wear your hair?

A. Straight and sleek

B. Curly or wavy

C. In a stylish bun or ponytail

D. Short and edgy


Question 6 of 8

Are you willing to bleach your hair to achieve a bright shade?

A. No, I prefer natural shades

B. Yes, I want the brightest shade possible

C. Maybe, if it’s necessary for the shade I want

D. I’m not sure, I would need advice


Question 7 of 8

How adventurous are you with hair colors?

A. I stick to what I know works for me

B. I love trying bold and vibrant shades

C. I experiment within a certain color range

D. I switch between classic and trendy options


Question 8 of 8

Which description appeals to you the most?

A. A subtle, warm shade that enhances my natural tones

B. A bright, eye-catching hue that turns heads

C. A rich, deep color that offers a touch of elegance

D. A balanced shade that complements my overall look


Your perfect match is...

Strawberry Blonde or Copper Hair

You might enjoy the subtlety of Strawberry Blonde or Copper hair. These shades are gentle, offering a beautiful yet natural look, perfect for cooler and paler skin tones. Remember to maintain the health of your hair with regular treatments and using colour-protecting products.

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Note: This quiz provides general suggestions based on the provided content and may not be accurate for every individual. Always consult with a professional stylist for the best results. If you need help choosing the correct shade, let us help you with our free colour match service.

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