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Ombre and Balayage Clip In Ponytail Extensions

Ahh, ponytail hair extensions. Why does it have to be complicated? Comfortable, trendy, glamorous, elegant, fierce… There’s so many ways you can describe – and style – your ponytail – and when it comes to getting that gorgeous pony ‘do, we know a thing or two. Read more

But most importantly, we know that it doesn’t have to be complicated – if anything, you want to get your hair up as soon as possible, and look absolutely flawless in it. Even when you want to add a dash of colour to your tresses! This is why we came up with our ombre clip in ponytail. – the perfect product to add a touch of edge and glamour to your ponytail, without all the fuss and drama of getting your hair bleached. Whether the pony hairdo of your dreams is coloured in Soft Bronze, has the tones of an Espresso Melt or the high-contrast beauty of a Chestnut Bronde mix, our ombre ponytail extensions and balayage ponytail hair extensions range is guaranteed to capture your attention. Read less


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Meet the hair accessory you won’t be able to live without! Whether you prefer warm caramel tones or sun-kissed, summerish balayage shades, find your next best ponytail look in our astonishing collection of mixed shades and ombre ponytail extensions. Not sure about your perfect match? Get in touch with us – our team of salon professionals is here to help you find the ponytail that will enhance and elevate your look in perfect harmony with the rest of your hair.

Why Buy Cliphair's Ombre & Balayage Ponytail Extensions?

Our clip in ombre ponytail extensions and clip in balayage ponytails are a popular product for all of those that like having multi-tonal hair and that enjoy a good updo every now and then. Here’s what makes our array of products such a big deal:

Unmatched Quality: Our hair extensions, crafted from 100% Remy human hair, are luxuriously smooth and silky. No wonder so many salons and hair experts around the world choose them every day! Looking and moving in the most natural way without ever missing out on looking super glamorous, you can use your balayage ponytail hair extensions to get that Khloe Kardashian look going whenever you feel like it. But there’s more: from a relaxed bun hairstyle for a cosy day in to a fierce bubble braid for a night out, these extensions will prove themselves more than versatile.

Colour Variety: The ponytail collection allows you to find a colour for your every mood – from ombre ends to complete an artsy look to glowing balayages that will make your complexion brighten up in harmony with your sun-kissed finish, we promise you’ll find the right shade to elevate your hairstyle whilst also seamlessly blending in with your natural tresses.

Length and Volume: Looking to get that Barbie-inspired flipped out mini ponytail? Or perhaps an A-lister-like extra long ponytail is more like your vibe? Don’t settle for less – with our versatile three available lengths you’ll be able to find your style for any occasion. Feeling mini, midi or mega? The choice is yours!

How to Use Cliphair's Ponytail Extensions?

Get styling with your ponytail hair extensions – it’s never been easier. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Gather your natural hair up into a ponytail or a bun.
  2. Attach the ponytail extension by sliding the little clip attachment under your hair tie, then wrap the extensions around your natural ponytail or bun.
  3. Secure the ponytail extension by wrapping the extra strand of hair around the base; then secure it with a bobby pin, and you’re all done!

Read more about fitting your brand new ponytail in our dedicated blog: How To Use Ponytail Hair Extensions.

Styling Tips, Haircare & Maintenance

Keeping your ombre ponytail extensions is quite easy – all you need to do is giving it some good old tender love and caring. First things first, you have to remember that human hair extensions don’t get nourishment from your scalp like your natural tresses would – therefore, keeping your ponytail as fabulous as ever will require you to focus on moisturising shampoo and conditioners, always and rigorously without any sulfated, alcohol and other drying factors. Last but not least, applying a mist of Moisture Lock Shine Spray on your locks will help you seal the cuticles and retain hydration within your strands. What’s not to love?

When it comes to human hair extensions, heat damage is real – as real as it is for your natural tresses. Always remember to use a heat protectant spray and try to keep the settings of your curling iron or hair straightener on low.

Finally, keeping your hair extensions tangle free and without any pesky knots can easily be achieved by using a detangling brush. Bear in mind that when brushing your added hair, kindness is key.

Now that you know everything you need to know about ponytail hair extensions, how about some styling? Find your inspiration in this post: 5 Killer Hairstyles with a Clip in Ponytail… (And How To Slay Them)

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • If you don’t know which shade would suit you best, get in touch with us – one of our experts will always be happy to help you find the perfect colour combination to seamlessly blend in with your hair. In case you had any doubts, we joined forces with real salon professionals and colour experts to advise you; no silly colouring filters!
    • Focus on gentle brushing, and a hair care regimen rich in nourishing and moisturising products with sulfate-free and alcohol-free formulas; store your hair extensions properly to protect them from dust and prevent them from going matty.
    • Although we tend to advise our customers against dyeing and altering the shade of our hair extensions, technically speaking yes, you can. Speak to a professional to do this, and avoid DIY dye jobs!
    • First of all, colour: you don’t want to wear a shade that is far from the colour of your tresses! Then, make sure you fit your ponytail the right way so that the attachment stays hidden. Again, texture is important – and last but not least, make sure your ponytail stays silky and well looked after!
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