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Brown Clip In Ponytail Extensions

Dynamic, sultry, and captivating: rich brown hair has something unique to it – now available in an incredible assortment of brown ponytail extensions! Read more

Our variety, spacing from creamy chestnut mixes to the tones of espresso melt, medium brown ponytail extensions, and more, is the perfect place to come to for brunettes when it comes to ravishing hairstyles. Cliphair's brown ponytail extensions are extremely popular, and it’s easy to see why! Come and explore our collection of brown clip in ponytail extensions for the ultimate, tantalising brunette updo. Read less

Brown Clip In Ponytail Extensions

Shop the Brown Clip in Ponytail Collection

Our collection features an array of natural brunette shades, including the ever popular dark brown ponytail hair extensions. Looking for your perfect match? Varying hairstyles for brown-haired beauties has never been easier. And yes, we also cover highlights and balayage shades for the sun-kissed brunette that wants to glow during summer. Got a trendy plait in mind, or an artsy messy bun? The brown ponytail extension knows no rivals in the game.

Why Buy Cliphair's Brown Ponytail Extensions?

Supreme Quality: A selection of 100% Remy human hair made to last, looking always flawless and silky with unmatched softness and styling flexibility.

Versatile Styling: Our brown ponytail extensions offer countless possibilities: artsy buns, chic chignons, sleek and trendy ponytails, or fierce braids. You’re in control of your style!

Quick & Easy: Cliphair's brown clip-in ponytails are quick and simple to wear, making it the must-have hair accessory for the ultimate glamour. From the comfort of your own home, in less than 5 minutes – how perfect is that?

Available In Three Different Lengths: The Mini, 14” inches long clip in ponytail perfect for those trendy flips and Barbie-style do’s; The Medium, 20” inches long clip in ponytail designed to be versatile and add length to short and midi hair; The Mega, 24” inches long clip in ponytail created with long hair and extra-glamorous hairstyles in mind.

How to Use Cliphair's Ponytail Extensions?

Getting your clip in ponytail up is a no-brainer. Here’s the simple steps to follow to achieve a flawless updo in less than 5 minutes:

  1. First off, whip your natural hair up into a ponytail or a small, tight bun.
  2. Next, take the extension and pop the comb part under your hair tie, wrapping the separate strand around your ponytail.
  3. Lastly, use a bobby pin (or two) to secure it in place. And just like that, you've got yourself a full, fabulous ponytail.

Styling Tips, Haircare & Maintenance

Keeping your brown ponytail extension in tip-top shape is easy: just show your ponytail how much you love it, and it will love you back (unconditionally)! A bit of science, if I may: unlike your natural locks, extensions are unable to receive moisture and nourishment from your scalp. While we've equipped you with premium, frizz-defying hair extensions, it's now up to you to show them the care they deserve in order to maintain them in their optimal state.

The first line of defence? Our Silky Moisture Lock Spray. This little miracle in a bottle was conceived with human hair extensions at heart, promising unmatched shine, silkiness (hence the name), and styleability. Consider it your first step towards an iconic, seamless finish – but don't stop there.

When it's time for a wash, remember to use sulfate-free and alcohol-free shampoos and conditioner. These gentle products help dodge dryness, brittleness, and those nasty frizzy strands while maintaining the sleekness and manageability of your tresses.

For the styleoholic, feel free to have fun with curling wands, curling irons and hair straighteners to recreate your favourite hairdos – our wrap around ponytail hair extensions are made of human hair, so you can style them as you would with your own. But remember, moderation is key. Keep your beloved styling tools on a low heat setting, and always give your extensions a good misting with a heat protectant spray beforehand!

Lastly, make sure to show any knots who's boss with a hair extension-friendly detangling brush. This way, your brown ponytail extension will stay as gorgeous as the day you first laid eyes on it.

What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

    • With natural brunette shades, glamorous highlights and scrumptious balayage looks, finding your style has never been easier. That said, if you still need some help in finding your perfect match, feel free to get in touch! Our customers can always rely on our team of trained hair professionals to find exactly what they need in order to recreate the perfect hairstyle and achieve a seamless blend.
    • Treat your ponytail with love by using the right products, gentle brushing, and thoughtful styling. Always keep your heat-based styling tools settings on low, use heat protection before curling or straightening, avoid aggressive brushing, and give them some pampering with a nourishing mask when needed. Last but not least: no sulfates in your shampoo and conditioner!
    • While technically yes, our extensions can be dyed, it’s not something we endorse. If you can’t resist the urge, make sure you bring them to a professional colour technician at your trusted salon for a consultation, a strand test, and finally: the complete dye job.
    • Great quality means great hair. On your end, you can make sure your hair routine includes a hair extensions detangling brush, following the fitting instructions to wear your ponytail correctly, and avoiding using products that could alter the quality of your Cliphair tresses.
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