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Full Head Clip In Hair Extensions

Whether it’s for everyday wear or a special occasion, our Full Head Clip In Hair Extensions can give you fuller hair, without the hassle of going to a salon. Read more

A full head of extensions from Cliphair can be added to your hair in minutes, so you can add or remove them whenever it suits you, in the comfort of your own home. They can be styled, braided, curled, and washed to add some extra oomph factor to your natural hair whenever you'd like. Made of 100% Remy human hair, our real full head clip in hair extensions look completely natural, whether you wear them straight, curly or use them to boost an updo. Read less

Full Head Clip In Hair Extensions

Remy Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions Are So Easy to Use

While adding extensions may sound complicated, these Remy full head clip in hair extensions are really easy to use and have been designed so you can fit them yourself. Read more

The Remy hair range has clips already attached, so you don’t have to mess around and can do your hair in a matter of minutes. You may want to practice a few times to get your technique just right. Remy full head clip in hair extensions can be added to your hair by simply sectioning your hair neatly and adding the extensions row by row, leaving enough space around your hairline, parting and crown to hide them. A handy tip is to backcomb the root slightly to give the clip ins some extra grip. You then let your own hair down to cover clips and you’re ready to go. At night, simply remove the full head hair extension before you go to bed. We have loads of instructional videos on our site to help you learn how to clip in your extensions, ready to style.

Our clip in Remy human hair extensions full head comes in one piece rather than individual wefts, which saves you lots of time. The advantage of full head clip in hair extensions is that even those without much hairstyling experience can use them, so you can style your own look at home.

If you’d prefer to wear your hair extensions for longer, consider our range of tape in hair extensions, which can be added by a professional stylist. Read less

Full Head Real Human Hair Extensions Stand Up to Heat and More

The main advantage of our full head hair extensions over the cheaper, artificial brands is that they can be styled any way you like. While artificial hair will melt if you try to use styling tools on it, you can curl and straighten our real full head extensions, so whether you want to use your GHDs or a curling wand, you can do so. Read more

Since you’ll have a beautiful long, full head of hair, the possibilities are endless. From water to hair products to your hairdryer, these Remy human hair extensions are made to withstand the same conditions as your own hair. It’s much easier to add your extensions, then style your hair at the same time, and it means you get a more natural look where the extensions blend in.

If you have naturally curly hair, or want to add extra lift, consider our curly clip in hair extensions, which come pre-curled to save you time. These thick full head clip in hair extensions are great for adding volume when you want an easy way to boost your look. Read less

Wear Your Hair Up or Down with Full Head Clip in Extensions

While having long hair might make you want to swish your new locks around, our full head clip in extensions are also ideal for those who want to create an elegant updo. You can add these full head hair extensions from the UK upside down, so that the clips sit flat against your head when you tie or pin your hair up. Read more

Once you’ve added your full head Remy hair extensions, the possibilities are endless. You can opt for braids, curl your hair then wear it up, or create the perfect messy bun. If you’re looking to do more of a sleek ponytail, then it’s also worth checking out our ponytail hair extensions which are just as simple to use. If you like having short hair, but have a special occasion coming up or want to style your hair for nights out, then clip in extensions are the perfect solution. Read less

Find Full Head Hair Extensions Clip-In UK to Get the Length & Fullness You Want

At Cliphair, when you’re searching for a full head real hair extensions clip in the UK, we offer you lots of options. We have sets available from 16 to 20 inches, which allow you to create anything from shoulder-length hair to long, swishy locks down your back. Our full head hair extensions give you 130 grams of hair, which most women find is just the right amount for a thick, bouncy look. Read more

If you want a thicker look, browse our shop for full head hair extensions clip in the UK that have a higher gram weight. Consider double weft or Ultra-Volume for both extra length and volume. Read less

Choose Full Head Clip-In Real Human Hair Extensions for a Natural Look

At Cliphair we offer clip-in hair extensions, full head sized, that are made from real hair. While fake hair is cheaper, our full head Remy hair extensions are far superior, as they drape naturally and blend in beautifully with your own hair. Read more

You’ll find full head hair extensions clip-in human hair on our site, so you can get this look at home without spending hundreds at a salon. Our clip in human hair extensions are just as easy to use as artificial hair yet give you a much better finish, are more versatile and have a much longer life span. Read less

A Wide Selection of Remy Full Head Clip In Hair Extensions for the Perfect Colour Match

Buying full head clip-in hair extensions? It’s important to get the best possible colour match, so it blends seamlessly with your hair. Read more

Our Remy human hair full head extensions come in a wide selection of colours and mixes, so you can get the right one for you. It’s important that hair pieces are chosen in the correct shade, especially when you’re looking for full head Remy hair extensions, so you get a natural finish. Remember, while you can dye our extensions, you can’t lighten them, so choose a lighter tone if this is what you are planning to do. Read less

Save Money & Time at the Salon with Affordable Full Head Hair Extensions that Clip In while Looking Great

Whilst having a Full head of permanent hair extensions fitted at the salon gives you a great finish, most of us simply don't have the time or money to go for a new set of permanent extensions every time there's a special occasion or once a month for refits. This is the huge advantage of having Clip-ins as it means no regular maintenance appointments and the freedom to have long hair if and when you want it. Read more

Although our affordable full head hair extensions clip in, they can look just as good as woven or tape extensions. Our cheap real hair full head clip in extensions may be inexpensive, but they are made of human hair and manufactured to last, allowing you to wear them again and again. If looked after properly, these extensions should be able to be worn for several months, so you can wear them on lots of nights out. Read less

Buy Real Hair Extensions Clip in Full Head from a trusted UK site

When you’re looking for a full head of real hair clip in extensions in the UK, you can buy with confidence at Cliphair. We stock many high-quality extensions, including one piece clip in hair extensions, making it easy to find the right product for you. Browse our range above to find clip-in extensions and more, or get in touch, and we can help you find the perfect product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • A Full head of clip in hair extensions Is a length of woven human hair stitched into a weft with silicone clips attached to the seam. This is much simpler than having a full head of permanent extensions at a salon, as you just clip them in when needed.
    • Most stylists recommend about 100-150g worth of hair if you want a full head clip in human hair extensions with 130g being the optimum amount for most people. This will allow even thinner hair to look full and should provide a natural end result for most people. Of course, you can add multiple extensions for a more dramatic look.
    • The amount of clips you’ll need for a full head of hair extensions will depend on the brand, so make sure you check the website and follow their guidelines. Some full head extensions come in one piece, while others are made up of 7-10 wefts you can clip in individually.
    • When you’re shopping for full head extensions, it’s best to invest in quality when you can. Choosing full head clip in human hair extensions will be pricier than artificial hair but be easier to style and give you a much more freedom and a natural look. You can expect to spend from £50 to £100.
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