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Blue Hair Extensions

Our blue hair extensions are bound to get you noticed, whether you have dyed blue hair, or are looking to achieve an ombre look. From blue clip in extensions, you can wear for the night, to more permanent options this electric colour is perfect when you want to try something new.

Blue Hair Extensions

Blue Hair Extensions Add Subtle Blue Tones

Love blue hair but not sure if you can rock the brighter tones? Our blue hair extensions are ideal for adding a subtle blue tone. Our blue hair extensions can be clipped into your hair, or attached by a technician for longer wear. You could also consider cosmic blue hair extensions, which is an inky blue that’s really on-trend at the moment. Blue black tones look great on those who have naturally black hair, whether they have pale or dark skin tones, so it’s worth a try to see if it might suit you.

Find Blue Coloured Hair Extensions in Bright Colours

If you want to go for something bold, choose our brighter blue colored hair extensions, which come in a range of shades. Our royal blue clip in hair extensions are great to add streaks or an under dye look, and we also stock turquoise blue hair extensions for when you want to try something different. Blue clip in extensions let you try a new colour for the night, or you can have them attached at a salon for several weeks of style. If you’re worried blue hair won’t suit you, then this is the perfect way to give it a try and see if it works with your look.

Choose a Full Head of Blue Human Hair Extensions or Just Highlights

Blue human hair extensions can be worn in many different ways, so at Cliphair, we stock products that suit everyone. Read more

  • Full head – if you already have blue hair, you can attach a blue full head clip in or opt for products such as our weave bundles, which allow you to add instant length
  • >Half head – more interested in volume than length? Choose a hair weft for half a head of extensions to give your blue hair a thicker look
  • Fringes – always wondered what you’d look like with a fringe? You can find a blue clip in fringe at Cliphair that lets you try out this look. You can even wear this clip in if you don’t have blue hair and get a two-tone look
  • Highlights – a favourite product in our range of blue human hair extensions are our range of highlight extensions. These clip in blue hair extensions can be added and removed whenever you like

Cliphair gives you lots of ways to wear blue hair and experiment with your look, whenever you want to try something new.

We also offer lots of different types of extension, so you can find one that is suitable for your needs. While most types of extension suit different hair types, from thin to thick, it’s worth speaking to an extension technician before you order. They can help you decide which extensions will work best for you and advise on how many you might need to get the right look. Read less

Use Blue Clip in Human Hair Extensions to Get an Ombre for the Night

You can use blue clip in hair extensions to easily get an ombre look whenever you like. A blue ombre can be a great way to update your style, but for most people, it means having to bleach the ends of your hair and have it dyed. This can leave your hair damaged. Our blue clip in hair extensions simply attach to your natural hair, creating an ombre effect at the ends. Don’t worry, they’re easy to use. You can watch videos on our site to show you the best way to use our products for the best possible finish. Read more

If you want an ombre look for longer, consider a solution such as a human hair weave, which can be attached in one appointment and lasts for weeks. Whatever option you choose, you get the same great look. Read less

Cliphair Offer Blue Real Remy Hair Extensions that You Can Style at Home

The big advantage of choosing Cliphair is that we sell blue real hair extensions, with absolutely no artificial hair used. Whether you choose our blue hair extensions clip in human hair, or our micro loop Remy blue hair extensions, you can be sure the highest quality human hair is used. Remy human hair is recommended by hair extension technicians, who know that it gives you the most natural look when a human hair weft is attached. Read more

While blue isn’t a natural colour, it’s worth considering blue Remy hair extensions over acrylic. This is because they move like real hair, they aren’t stiff, and they blend into your own locks. It also means you can style them how you like. You can use your GHDs on them, or use curlers or a curling iron, the choice is yours.

You can also choose double wefted extensions which means that two rows of hair are used in places where there is usually a single row. This means a much thicker, fuller look for the most dramatic hairstyles. Read less

Remy Blue Extensions Add Edge to Your Look

Getting bored of your black, brown or blonde locks? Our blue Remy hair extensions are the ideal way to add edge to your look. Lots of celebrities have been spotted with blue hair or blue highlights in recent years, and our blue extensions allow you to get a wide range of different looks without the effort of hours of dyeing or styling your hair. Read more

Many women love the look of blue hair but are worried that this kind of dye might damage their hair. With extensions, you don’t have that worry. As long as they’re properly attached, they won’t damage your hair, and can be detached whenever you like. Read less

Shop for Blue Hair Extensions in the UK with Cliphair

When you’re shopping for blue hair extensions in the UK, Cliphair is the place to go. As you can see from our customer reviews, we offer fast and easy shipping, with products delivered across the UK and worldwide. Cliphair offers some of the best blue hair extensions in the UK, so browse our range above and order today. We even offer a colour match service to help you find the perfect shade of blue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Blue hair doesn’t have any particular meaning, but it is a big trend at the moment. Whether you dye your hair or add some blue coloured hair extensions for an ombre look, this edgy, fun style can be a cool way to completely change your look.
    • When it comes to blue extensions, human hair gives you the best quality finish. Human hair is removed from people who’ve sold their hair, and the strands are then bleached and dyed to create blue extensions hair that can be attached in many ways.
    • The great thing about bright blue hair extensions is that they tend to go well with all sorts of clothing colours. You can style your blue extensions with bright primary colours or bright and neutral tones, although you might want to avoid wearing too much blue overall.
    • All sorts of celebrities from Lady Gaga to Kylie Jenner have rocked the blue hair look. You don’t have to go for a full head of blue hair to enjoy this style. Use blue hair extensions that clip in for blue streaks like Demi Lovato or attach electric blue hair extensions to your natural hair for an ombre like Billie Eilish.
    • If you’re unsure which of our hair extensions are right for you, you can explore our full hair extension colour range, or our colour matching service can help you get the perfect match. All you need to do, is submit three photos and receive your bespoke match within 24 hours!
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