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15 Inch Hair Extensions

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Our 15 inch (37 cm) hair extensions is the ideal length for those who have very short hair to start with! These hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair which means they can be dyed, styled and washed multiple times just like your natural hair. Styling is easy with Cliphair extensions since they are the highest quality human hair extensions, you can style them however you want it without damaging the hair. Browse through our comprehensive range of 15 inch hair extensions which comes in over 40 colours.

We understand it could be a difficult task to find the best match by looking at the screen and this is why at Cliphair, we have a dedicated team of hair experts who can advise you on the best colour match. It's very simple! Just send us your hair photos to advice@Cliphair.co.uk or simply visit our colour matching service page for more options here (Colour matching Service) .

Please use the refine option to select the right type and colour for your extensions. 

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15 Inch Hair Extensions
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