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Why Clip-Ins are BEST!

Authored By Ellie

Clip In VS. Bonded Hair Extensions – Which Should You Go For and Why?

CLIP-IN Hair Extensions

Easy to maintain 
Clip in hair extensions are easy to maintain. If, like me, you wash your hair daily, or even every other day, you won’t want the extra hassle of having extremely long and thick hair to wash. The great thing about clip in extensions is that at the end of the day, you simply spend two minutes removing them, and then can wash your own hair as normal. The extensions are very easy to look after, and don’t require washing as much as your own hair. As you can take them out when you wash your hair, they won’t dry out quickly, and stay soft and supple for longer. You also don’t need to pay for special products to use on your clip in hair extensions, they can be looked after using your normal hair care products. (See how to wash your Clip in hair extensions)
The difference between clip in hair extensions and any other hair extensions is that clip ins are proven to cause the natural hair NO DAMAGE, meaning you can achieve luscious, thick and long locks without compromising the quality of your natural hair. They will have no effect on whether your natural hair grows, and will not cause any hair loss, which is frequently seen on bonded hair extension wearers.
Cost effective
Clip in extenions are much cheaper than bonded extensions. They don’t require a technician to apply them, and they don’t require the expensive maintenance that bonded hair extensions do. The initial cost is cheaper, with clip in hair extensions costing a fraction of the price of pre bonded ones. (see how to attach Clip in hair extension)
Clip ins are also not OBVIOUS
The fact that you can easily remove clips and move them around means that they are never on show. Once bonded hair extensions are in, they cannot be moved around or removed, which limits the styles you can create. However, with clip in extensions, you are free to move them around as much as you choose… and create as many different styles as you like whilst no one will know you are wearing extensions!
Extreme Maintenance
Getting professional bonded extensions is a massive investment, both financially and time wise. Looking after bonded extensions is a big deal. Firstly, they need to be maintained regularly. You can either opt to fork out the price you paid originally all over again to have a fresh set of hair put in every few months (usually around £500 – not including your cut and colour!) or you can have your extensions ‘rotated’ which is cheaper, but needs to be done more frequently. Not only are these procedures time consuming, they are also expensive, and put lots of pressure on your hair. You also need to buy special products to care for your hair extensions, and washing your hair will take much longer. You need to be really gentle with bonded hair extensions, so your usual hair care routine won’t be nearly as quick.
Dangerous and Damaging
Jennifer Aniston has revealed that bonded hair extensions ruined her hair, ‘After Friends I wanted a different look, so I cut my hair. Obviously, I wasn’t thinking clearly, So I decided to have a couple of extensions, never knowing you end up with 400 things in your head that cause your hair to break off.’ Jennifer is not alone, many other celebrities have been spotted out with bald patches due to the damaging effects of bonded hair extensions. Trichologist Leonora Doclis of the Belgravia Centre says that gluing hair extensions into your hair is quite simply ‘the worst thing you can do to your hair.’

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