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What are Balayage Hair Extensions?

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Do you want to change your hair colour but don’t want to commit to anything or worried that you will to damage your hair? Balayage hair extensions are just for you! Balayage hair extensions will give you the most natural looking highlight effect in minutes!

What is Balayage?

The term ‘balayage’ comes from the technique the hair is dyed. It is also known as the free-hand hair dying technique. The hair dye is applied to the hair in a graduated way to create a more natural-looking Sunkissed highlight effect. When you compare balayage to traditional highlights, balayage blends in better on your hair. As it is a more gradual colour change, it will look more like your natural hair.

What about Balayage Hair Extensions?

Balayage is one of the hardest hair colouring techniques. And it does require a certain expertise. With all hairdressers being closed during the lockdown. We have all experimented cutting and colouring our own hair. However, balayage is not one of the quick homemade solutions we can go for.

But do you want to give up on your luxury and beauty? We don’t!

That is why we have introduced the balayage hair extensions. You can simply apply the clip in balayage hair extensions on your hair and see the immediate change in your hair colour with natural highlight effect.

How to get your Balayage Hair Extensions?

Step 1: Contact us for your free colour match. Our experts will help you to find your best balayage options.

Step 2: Choose your colour. With balayage hair extensions you can have more than one options in colour to choose. Simply look at your options after our experts’ advice. And choose your favourite.

Step 3: Enjoy! Our real human hair clip in balayage hair extensions come in set of 8 pieces. You can fit the extensions on back and sides of your hair for a whole look. Depending on the shade you choose you can go for lighter highlights or more subtle ones. Also, you can use all clip ins at once for a more voluminous hair. Or you can try different styles and get creative!

How to wear your Balayage Hair Extensions?

The beauty of balayage hair extensions is you can experiment and try different shades and styles. You can wear your hair down and style it. Balayage hair shows itself the best with waves. After applying your hair extensions, you can simply style it to beach waves and enjoy your sun kissed colour.

Braiding your hair with balayage hair extensions is another popular way to style your hair. With highlights on each layer, your plait will look amazing! 
Or you can go for a more stylish look and try your balayage hair extensions with a messy bun! 
You will never run out of ideas with balayage hair extensions!

For more information about balayage hair extensions,why not book a free colour matching
with our hair experts? We are here to help.

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