Looking to add some shine and glamour to your hairstyle? Don’t worry – the infamous wet-effect that was so popular during the early 00s is back, and honestly? I’m all for it. As seen on celebrities such as Rosalia, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian and Margot Robbie, this type of hairstyle features a shiny finish and is characterised by sleek and polished results, ideal for a summer hairstyle, a night out or a trendy party look. Looking forward to give it a try? No matter what your hairstyle is, here are 15 hairstyles that are perfect for achieving that glossy finish, and how human hair extensions can help you achieve these looks.

Sleek Low Ponytail

The sleek low ponytail, made famous by Kim K herself, is a classic hairstyle that's perfect for a wet-effect or shiny finish. Simple yet elegant, this look can be achieved with the help of human hair extensions to add length and thickness to your ponytail, making it appear fuller and more polished. Use a shiny finish or wet-effect wax or hair gel to slick your tresses back and there you’ll have it – the sleek low pony of the stars.

Wet-Look Pixie Cut

One of the most popular haircuts to undergo the wet-effect finish look back in the day is the pixie cut. A pixie cut with a wet-look finish is a bold and edgy hairstyle, perfect for those who want to make a statement and that love shorter hair – especially for the summer. If you’ve recently given your tresses a big chop, you’ll be able to give this trend a go anyway! If you’d like to get your length back for a few weeks instead, you could look into getting nano ring hair extensions, the most discreet extensions technology that can help you achieve this look by adding volume and length to your hair.

High-Shine Waves

Love that vintage diva effect? Hollywood waves have great versatility and work really well with the super-gloss effect. So why not give it a try? You can easily achieve high-shine waves with the help of Ultra Volume hair extensions to supersize volume and even add some length – after all, this type of hair extensions is often used to hide blunt haircuts – and then finish your styling with the help of a hair curler and a brush. Spraying a generous dose of Moisturising Silky Spray will not only lock in hydration in your strands, but also give you ultimate gloss.

Slicked-Back Updo

A slicked-back updo is a chic and polished hairstyle that's perfect for a wet-effect or shiny finish; typically associated with the “clean girl aesthetic”, this type of hairdo was a must-have for the long-haired girlies in the Y2K era. If your hair isn’t thick and long enough to achieve the ultimate slicked back updo, you can always use Seamless hair extensions – the perfect tool to elevate your look in a discreet, luscious way.

Wet-Look Bob

Looking for a shorter haircut that you can style with a shiny, modern and trendy finish? Then look no further than the bob! That’s it, a wet-look bob is a sleek and modern hairstyle that is absolutely perfect for achieving a wet-effect or shiny finish. Wet looks can often impact how your hair sits, making it a tad flatter – but did you know that you can quickly solve this by using 12” hair extensions? Yep, Remy hair extensions are not just to add length – they can also boost shorter hairstyles, elevating them to a next level of bounce, movement and fullness.

Half-Up, Half-Down

A half-up, half-down hairstyle is a versatile and stylish option to achieve a wet-effect or shiny finish that has a more romantic, sophisticated feel to it. Clip ins such as Double Weft hair extensions can help you make this look fuller, even when sectioning half of your mane up takes some of the volume away. By using Double Weft you’ll make sure your hairstyle doesn’t lack in thickness and dimension!

Wet-Look Bun

You may have seen this look on Bella Hadid and other celebrities that embraced the minimalistic tiktok aesthetic that is oh so popular these days, and to be honest, I can see how the wet-look bun can give that “it-girl” vibe. This hairstyle is a chic and elegant option, suitable for many different occasions – from a day at the office to a night out or even a festival look – and it’s fairly easy to recreate, hence its popularity.

High-Shine High Ponytail

Want to achieve a killer ponytail that sits high and mighty on your head? Look no further than the wrap around clip in ponytail, the hair accessory that never misses. Making it into a gossamer finish look is fairly easy – just make sure you use the right products, and then style it as you prefer – either slicked back, or with a trendy middle part. 

Glossy Curls

Do you belong to the curly-haired elite audience? Then add some shine to your natural texture, and why not? Boost your mane with a set of curly hair extensions. 2023 is all about the explosion of free, big curly hair – and summer is the perfect time of the year to get those ringlets shine bright like a diamond! Glossy curls are a glamorous and sophisticated hairstyle that's perfect for literally any occasion – but, perhaps, the gym. 

Smooth and Straight

Poker-straight strands were popular in the Y2K era, and we probably owe this to celebrities such as Avril Lavingne and Adriana Lima. Nowadays, many more celebrities have actually tried this look themselves, taking advantage of the early 00s renaissance.  From Lourdes Leon to Ice Spice, silky tresses are all the rage now! Giving this hairstyle a shiny finish is fairly easy – Kim Kardashian and her hair stylist have made it a trend called “glass hair”. Want to know more? Read everything you need to know about this phenomenon on our dedicated blog: Friday On Trend: What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It.

Beachy Waves

Love that “just came back from the beach” look? Well beach waves, also known as mermaid waves, are that look. And the beautiful thing about them? Well, you can recreate them in the comfort of your own home, with the help of a waiver, your trusty hair extensions, and some texturising spray. Being the ultimate summer hairstyle and a top choice for festival season, beachy waves work in perfect harmony with the wet finish – naturally. 


Shiny, wet-effect finish is all the rage – and it’s easy to see why. If you’d like to give it a go, there are many hairstyles that can help you achieve it and make it yours! From sleek low ponytails to gorgeous mermaid waves, there is a style for everyone. Clip in hair extensions can be a great tool to take these looks to a superior level, elevating your hairstyle with pumped-up volume and adding precious inches of glamorous length. What are you waiting for?

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