Wearing weave weft extensions Q and A’s


Want to try weave extensions but you have some questions? You are in the right place! Weaves are referred to all the time in the movie and on tv shows so it is no surprise that they are so popular. In honour Cliphair’s newly released Remi Royale weave weft extensions, I want to share some of the most common questions we get asked.

What are weave extensions?

Weave extensions are given their name because they are woven in with your natural hair. Are great for adding extra volume and length. unlike clip in extensions, they are a more permanent option. They can be slept in and styled like you would your own hair (if you don’t get synthetic extensions). This type of extension needs some TLC but it is amazing and looks natural and fantastic. Make sure you moisturise your scalp, nape and neck for the perfect look.


How do I apply weave extensions?

So I briefly mentioned that the extensions are woven into your hair. That is true but not the whole story. It is best to get your weaves applied by a professional. You first have to create some cornrow braids in your hair. This will form the base on which your weave is woven. So, how is it woven? With a needle and thread to sew it. The process sounds incredibly simple but I would suggest going to a skilled hairdresser that is used to doing this so it looks amazing.

How long to weave extensions last?

Weave extensions typically last (still looking amazing) around 2 months. You could leave them in for up to 4 months but to keep them looking great I would change them every 2 months. For many people putting weaves in are a short term solution whilst they grow your natural hair. Brilliant! They are great for that. Make sure you only apply them for the 2 months so your roots get use to the weight of your natural hair and become as strong as possible. You should remove your weaves by a hairdresser, who can treat them and reuse them for you.


What does AAA hair mean?

AAA hair refers to a high-grade Remi human hair. It is the best hair that you can possibly use for your extensions. It’s processed in a way that the hair is more conditioned and will last longer. When you were and style this hair it will remain soft and shiny. It is also great for dying or cutting if you want to create a particular style. That is why we decided it was the only option to use for our Remi Royale Cliphair weave extensions.


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