Every group of friends has that one person that, when commenting on someone's personality, says: “oh, she’s such a [enter star sign here]”. If your group of friends doesn’t have that person, then chances are you are it!

Whether you treat astrological signs as a rulebook for life or just like the casual memes to support your emotional claims, at some point you may have asked yourself: “how much impact does my star sign have on aspects such as my beauty routine?”.  Surprisingly, astrology experts believe that the time of the year you were born into is an influential factor even in your beauty talk.

As this year’s spring equinox approaches, right after a full moon, Aries season begins. This is a time of revolution, centred around rebirth & growth; the darkest months of the year are now over, and we’re moving into the warmth of the light.

For the people born in this time of the year, this means they were born under the sign of the Aries. Who are the Aries people?

According to the popular belief, those born under the star sign Aries (born between March 21 and April 20) are loud, proud, strong and brave people. Being the first sign makes them the crybaby of the zodiac, meaning that they are needy and get easily bored by nature. On top of that, they have competitive spirits and a passionate soul.

Some celebrity examples? Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Chastain, Sarah Jessica Parker, Fergie, Lady Gaga, Diana Ross, Saoirse Ronan and Chaka Khan were all born under the vernal equinox star sign!

What’s The Perfect Hair Colour For Aries Season? (back to index)

2022 is the year of rebirth, new beginnings, a new chapter for everyone’s lives. Some of us are still recovering from the events of 2021 and 2020, some others are starting to see the sparks of a new beginning ahead and benefiting from the winds of change.

If you’re an Aries, this year you may want to channel all the energy that comes with being born under a fire sign. Ready for flaming-hot inspiration?

Blonde Aries: Strawberry And Honey (back to index)

If you’re a blonde - or would like to be one - channel your inner power with the warmest, most fiery shades of blonde. I’m talking blushy strawberry blonde hues, and rich, honey-toned blondes. Reese added the slightest little tinge of pink to her regular blonde for a warm, peppy look, barely visible with the aid of sunlight - ready to welcome summer.

Honey-butter balayage and toned down wheat tones are the alternative for those that prefer mellow gold shades; Elle Fanning - another Aries baby - got her hair go under the works and achieved a creamy, honey shade for her latest film role.

Red Aries: Bright Auburn And Copper (back to index)

Leaning towards fiery colours to channel your Aries energy at its finest? Then you may want to consider Natasha Lyonne’s bright auburn. With her big, wild curls, the actress embodies her fire energy and is a peak representation of the first sign of the zodiac. Her red is deep, rich, creamy and even - brought to life by her corkscrew locks.

Jessica Chastain, whose birthday falls on March the 24th, keeps her natural locks on top with an even, shiny, light copper shade.

The Interstellar actress publicly said she doesn’t like to dye her hair since her colour makes her unique. And I personally agree: as her natural tresses are one of her signature features, Jessica looks stunning in her fiery, original hue!

Brunette Aries: Warm Chocolate And Light Chestnut (back to index)

When talking brunettes, a lot of people fall in the misconception that brown hair can’t be as hued as lighter shades, such as dusty, ashy and creamy blondes or metallic, rich, sateen reds. This couldn’t be further from the truth. One prime example of how warm, deep and toasty brown hair can be is the shade worn by Lily James, British Aries queen. Her warm chocolate balayage blends in perfectly with her fondant-coloured roots, in an harmonious mix of sultry tones.

Last but not least, Alyson Hannigan’s light chestnut is the perfect reddish brown shade for those who want lighter hair without resorting to bleached blonde tresses or committing to deeper hues of red. The actress has always been hopping from plum-like brown shades to copperhead tones, and recently set on this burnt-sienna style that compliments both her astrological sign and her natural look, keeping her fiery, youthful and energetic.

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