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The Most Natural-Looking Hair Extensions

layered hair

Everyone has different hair needs. But when it comes to hair extensions, secrecy is a must for all of us!
When we wear our real human extensions, we want them to give us that glam look; amazing hair volume and length. But we also want to keep it as a secret. People should admire our beauty. But can never tell that we are wearing extensions. Everything should look natural.

But is possible to have the full natural look with hair extensions?
Yes! It is with Seamless clip in hair extensions.  

Thanks to seamless clip in hair extensions, you can enjoy the best quality hair extensions that give you the gorgeous look. And everyone will think that it is your natural hair!

seamless clip in hair extensions

How do seamless hair extensions work?

Seamless hair extensions hold the extension hair on a thin layer of silicone. This new technology makes the extensions almost invisible to others and super comfortable as the silicone is thin and soft.

Our Cliphair seamless hair extensions come in a set of 8 pieces. You can apply the clip ins on different layers and sides of your hair for a fuller look. Depending on how you usually wear your hair, you can angle the extensions. And then style your hair.

For more information on how to apply your hair extensions, you can speak to our experts. 

seamless clip in hair extensions

How long do seamless hair extensions last?

Seamless hair extensions last up to 3 times longer than any other clip in hair extensions. Depending on how much you are playing with your hair or how often and hard you are brushing your extensions; you might pull the hair from the root of your hair extensions.

Seamless clip in hair extensions has the highest degree of hair hold. And even if you have the habit of playing with your hair regularly, the silicone layer which the hair is attached on to will hold the hair tighter than any other material.  

seamless clip in hair extensions

Are seamless hair extensions damaging?

You might think having the hair extensions on your hair for a long day might damage your hair. But don’t worry. It won’t! With our seamless clip in hair extensions, you have one of the least damaging hair extensions options.

As the hair is applied with a thin layer of silicone, seamless clip in hair extensions are one of our lightest hair extensions range. And won’t cause any hair-pulling.

Also, due to the nature of clip in hair extensions, there are no chemicals used. So you won’t damage your hair on application. 

Why not have a look at our Seamless Hair Extensions collection?

What are your thoughts on layered hair? Let us know, and  don't forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

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